you are my 10 out of 10

Perhaps if I throw all of my negative emotions into a black hole that would be a positive way to look at them. Slash!

Poems from Holly-AnneGoProphet 🕊❤️ Download 1.0 Collagism™2019

Not today Satan, not today!

If someone came up to you and gave you a book
And you realised it was a book about your life
Would you read it to the end?
Are you today’s date?
Because you are my 10 out of 10
Not today Satan, not today!
I wonder how I can become a hologram?
I want to be immortalised inside the forever happiness hologram
Collagism inside the forever happiness hologram
You are magic
You are wild
You are free
You are a shining diamond
If I focus on black holes is that negative?
What is the origin of the entropy and temperature of black holes?
Perhaps if I throw all of my negative emotions into a black hole that would be a positive way to look at them.
When they call you crazy just remember that great ideas don’t come from average minds
Life is too short for regrets
So love the people who treat you right
Forgive the ones who don’t
And believe that everything happens for a reason
If you get a chance
Take it!
If it changes your life
Let it!
Nobody said it would be easy
They just promised it would be worth it!

If you kiss her mind, her body will follow

Make a list of things that make you happy
Make a list of things you do every day
Compare the lists
Adjust the list accordingly
You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce
I want to cum in your heart
I’m sorry we made love in your kitchen
I’m sorry we made love on your dining table and sofa and shower
I’m sorry I’m not sorry at all
Whose name are you looking for in your Insta-story views?
If you kiss her mind, her body will follow
If you want something you never had
You have to do something you’ve never done
Let’s dance
You are gold baby, solid gold
Midnight car rides over bridges in places you’ve never been
May we look at the moon again?

I spiritualed so hard I pulled a chakra

I can’t tonight I’m looking at memes
The nights were made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day
I just wanted to hear your voice
After all, death is the only certainty in life
I can not see the post you sent me because the account was private


Discard the preoccupation that you can’t discard your things
He said “you will never meet another man like me”
First of all let me say THANK GOD FOR THAT
Darling you feel heavy because you are too full of truth
Open your mouth more
Let the truth exist
Somewhere other than inside your body
Art is where work meets love
I realised what I loved was not a person
It was an image, perfectly retouched in Photoshop
You were my favourite person
When I first met you, I knew in a moment I would have to spend the rest of my days re-arranging my mind so there would be room for you to stay
To protect my energy, it is okay to change my mind
Protect me from heavy social media use
To protect my energy, it is okay to not answer a call
I spiritualed so hard I pulled a chakra
Hello darling
How strange is it that after all that
We are strangers again
Just because I loved you at one point does not mean I will always love you
I am not Whitney Houston.
Remember laughing so hard we could not breathe
Fresh sheets on hotel beds
Receiving compliments from a stranger

Collagism aka Holly-AnneGoProphet 🕊❤️ is an artist working with collage – her life is caught on video in sometimes spontaneous, often planned video performance interventions / pieces which are then edited to form diaristic video collages – made up of layers of poetry, sound and video collage the artist aims to make a record of her life that expresses a beautiful truth to the time that passes.

“I create video the way some people write an autobiography. The pieces, finished or not, are the pages from my diary. Collages of writing, sound, vision… downloads of me… Collagism”

Holly-AnneGoProphet 🕊❤️ Download 1.0
Collagism™ 2019

Artist Statement

Holly-AnneGoProphet🕊❤️ Download 1.0 is a diaristic video collage filmed and edited in episodes or vignettes that form the whole piece. It is a compilation of moments seen through my ‘Fingernail Cam’, a GoPro camera mounted on a glove that offers a fingernail camera view of my world. This point of view allows me to get up close, at touching distance of anything in my environment I take an interest in. It also allows me a performative element on the fly as performance artist in a Situationist fashion. It lets the fingers do the talking, and documents my performance art from a first person point of view.

The title Holly-AnneGoProphet 🕊❤️ Download 1.0 refers to my pseudonym / play on words of GoPro (the video camera I use) and Prophet referring the sound track voice-over (like a voice in my head) philosophizing and delivering my own teachings / reflections on life. I insert a Dove emoji followed by a heart emoji as part of the name as am usually using a device that allows it, such as hashtagging on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. It is called Download 1.0 in reference to the video being a download of my emotions, a download from my universe in audio vision.

The piece is divided into clear episodes / chapters / journeys – each one is bite sized snackable video which is set in a main location which sets the tone for the scene – the sound track and aesthetic quality for each episode binds it together clearly and sets the mood i.e. whatever feelings I am downloading in that period. There are 5 chapters in this piece all linked together by the relationship theme. I let my personal stories delving into the understanding of love, life and the cosmos form the narrative of the piece. I have chosen to use the text to speech robot voice of Alice from the USA to accentuate the role of technology in my life. Many of the quotes I use are taken from scrolling through feeds or Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ironically about self-transformation and self development in these surreal times of having our faces stuck inside of phones. These texts become poems written in the cut-up style originated by Tristian Tzara of the Dada movement, adapted by into a Collagism 2019 direct from apps on my smart phone.

The locations in the piece are part of my journey in life, recorded. An example is: the Tate Modern in London which I was visiting for business meeting, in discussion of me giving an artists’ talk about my favourite pieces in the Tate. We went to see The Fountain, being an icon of the Dada era so I took the opportunity to do a pop-up performance piece that then became part of the video. The dialogue is a sample things going on in my mind, some banal and some referencing my personal relationships. I have created multi-layered sound track of textures and sound bytes that trigger memories for me – recently, I officially diagnosed by a doctor as having synaesthesia, I find sound and video collage the best way to describe my feelings.

The forth act of the piece talks about Kundalini awakening, one of the secrets of the universe that If one can tap into can align with the creative conscious and attain a deeper understanding of within and therefore an understanding of the cosmos that has been at the core of my art practice for the past year. Devoting my life to a daily practice of Kundalini yoga has been completely transformational in a physical, spiritual and cosmic sense. The result being Holly-AnneGoProphet 🕊❤️ Download 1.0 which describes in part some of the journey – an unleashing of my inner voice, my body as instrument and soul to download. The space-time continuum has changed form. A newly found truth direct from my heart downloaded to you, the viewer. Download 2.0 coming soon!

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