which is noblest

Tony Oats’ Colombian Spanish translation of ATM 1 poem by Stewart Home from his latest “SEND CA$H” collection.


There are 3 ways to learn wisdom: 1st, SEND CA$H, which is noblest; 2nd, use PayPal, which is easiest; & 3rd write a cheque, which is the bitterest. If you don’t feel cheated you haven’t lived! SEND CA$H!

Cajero Automático 1.

Hay tres cosas necesarias para aprender la sabiduría. Primero: entender que MI ABUELITA E$TÁ EN EL HO$PITAL.  Segundo: entender que puedes usar PayPal, pues es más fácil. Tercero: entender que puedes usar Western Union, pero hay siempre una fila.  No estoy pidiendo nada, ¡pero sé que tú eres un caballero súper noble!  ¡MI ABUELITA E$TÁ EN EL HO$PITAL!

About the author:

Tony Oats lives in Bushwick, New York, with zir cryptokitties Salvador Beachnut Sizzzz and Tangerine Cream.  Ze writes poetry about can openers, blenders, and the philosophy of time.  Ze does not write prose, except in anger. Contact: tonyoats99@gmail.com or FB: https://www.facebook.com/tony.oats.773

Also read the full review of Stewart Home’s “SEND CA$H”:

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