Cosmic Portals

by Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars


We are all on an evolutionary path, our souls are learning through this earthy experience called life. Difficult planetary alignments should be seen as an opportunity for growth, however, to make the most of it we must be aware of how to ride those cosmic waves… This is a super charged week and I feel the urge to deliver this message so we can all make the most of the planetary energies and avoid the pitfalls! After all the transiting Sun is opposed by the mighty stellium of Capricorn planets: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn! That means we need to attune to the CAPRICORN’s lessons on both personal and collective levels.Internalize the responsibility you hold over your own life, actions, potential for change, and impact on the community you are part of, an ever-evolving quantum dance of existence. Live up to your words, take responsibility for what you promised and committed to regardless of how big or small your obligations are. You have a choice.  You are free to act, so if you choose integrity then Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will nod approvingly as you overcome the fear to act, and push the limits of personal comfort to take responsibility for your own life and those who are part of it. 

July 1-21 Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces, exact on July 12th deeper sensitivity to your environment, and increased awareness of your place in the world. Increased idealism, urge to help others in need, to join intentional communities or charitable organizations. With this transit you are in touch with your heart’s desires and it helps you set goals to manifest your dreams and hopes for the future. Strong spiritual ideals. Sun energies are enhanced by moral beliefs. Artistic and creative talents are prominent, psychic skills are enhanced so it’s a good time to set new creative projects or study esoteric gnosis.

Constellation of Cancer

July 12th Sun opposition Pallas Athena – fear of one’s power to accomplish which can lead to blocks in the mental and creative processes, alienation from one’s own sexual expression.

Pallas Athena represents mental creative principles. Combined with the Sun energy in a positive aspect it brings strength in mental, and creative areas so this is the expression you are aiming for!

July 14th Mars conjunction Chiron in Aries – pure intention, pure action, new sense of self worth, healing of divine masculine energies, healthy expression of ego, powerful, and grounded – root chakra 

Chiron in Aries 2018 – 2027 brings an opportunity for grounding in a new sense of self.

July 14th Sun opposition Jupiter – excessive, restless, blindly optimistic, overdoing things, extravagant and possibly pretentious. Danger of spending too much, and overcommitting, under this influence it may be hard to live up to one’s word.

July 15th Sun opposition Pluto – need to be in control, transformative force, determination on the edge of ruthlessness, obsessions, compulsions, jealousy, revenge, domination, even megalomania and violence, use your power for the good of others otherwise you may experience intense power struggles and conflict, balance between standing up for your own right while not imposing your will onto others

July 20th Sun opposition Saturn – inhibiting, issues with self respect, issues with the father, insecurity, inferiority complex, serious, relies on older friends, hard working, motivated, studious, may reach high. Inner critic. This aspect may brings feelings of depression. 

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I feel dedicated to my art, and inspired by the current transit of Neptune: service to others as a spiritual path, sharing cosmic wisdom as a spiritual path… Get in touch if my words resonate with you, and you would like to schedule a reading.

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars