We need justice. Legal help for the arrested protesters / political prisoners.

Do your part, volunteer, speak up, demonstrate, donate to legal nonprofits that support the lawful, democratic transformation. We need justice, we cannot continue to accept institutional police brutality and the inhumane treatment against black people, people of colour, immigrants, minorities, those economically disadvantaged and without agency. We must act. Silence is violence, so speak up and do your part, however big or small it is. We have been through difficult, dark times with the COVID19 lockdown, but the collapse of the economy, while affecting us all, has disproportionately adversely impacted minorities. Now we cannot allow the authorities (which we doubt have been elected democratically – hacking, foreign powers involvement, social media manipulation) to police us with their 8pm curfews, to tell us to go home and Netflix out. Our streets are burning because the need for change has been so great for so long.

Here are organizations that help protesters imprisoned in NYC during the last few days. Please consider volunteering / donating:

Bail funds which are organized by state: https://bailfunds.github.io/

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