We burn!

by Tanya Zeifer

The precocious Mexican sun lights up the white sand beach and we burn!

We read poetry and philosophy and our minds entwine and we burn, we burn brighter and brighter until the whole room bursts into flames,  

And we laugh and drink and smoke and play our fiddles and dance in the flames as we burn!

We write poems for the minds and souls and nations so that they too may burn!

And the precocious Mexican sun laughs at our dancing and our feeble flames, and it shouts Burn!

Jaguar Warriors step out of the flames and dance with us shouting burn!

And they take us to their temples and our blood catches fire and burns.

And we laugh with the Sun and the Jaguar Warriors and we dance in the blood and flames,  

And we burn.

Tanya Zeifer is a bruja, a xwaay, a shamaness, a nomad, she is she through whom the ancient wisdom returns.

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