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My practice during this time is to insist on a world that doesn’t recede our souls so much that we cannot fathom the realness of death. I insist to live in a place where the hyper-dimensional status of ‘being human’ is held in its fullness.

by Georgie Lo 

As a neurodivergent and psychic woman currently dealing with recent and complex traumas, I’ve decided to take this quarantine period to venture inward more deeply and allow myself to only create when it feels intuitive and safe.

What I discovered arose in the first few weeks of the pandemic, after grappling with the proximity of large scale deaths, was actually a shimmer of my 16-year-old self-being unearthed, a carefree romanticism, clearer visions, rose tinted glasses tinged with survivalist fear. As time went forward in the quarantine and we entered the ‘third quarter effect’ as experienced by confined astronauts or cosmonauts, I free fell into the high strangeness of a future made up of a million people’s nuanced perceptions of heaven and hell. I saw the realities of many people online twist and reshape at the speed of light. I also saw the death-gripped fingers wrapped around the return to ‘normality’, the desire to sacrifice people’s lives to keep the merry-go-round spinning. 

My coping mechanism has always been to research, research and research. Sometimes I do not know what to do with all this studying, only to hold it in myself and add it to my collections of patterns. Sometimes I create images or videos that summarize a general feeling I have or an aura of the world on that day. These patterns are always tinted with chaos. I watch, witness, feel and ride the waves and patterns of the Internet’s churning information cycle. 

One thing I noticed from my peripheral vision was that more people seemed to be becoming pregnant at this time, alongside the numbers of those people who had passed over rolling across our screens and psyches. One day I entered Instagram to instantly have a birth video pop up on my feed and fill me with awe, relief and reminding me of the resilience of humanity. 

My more focused research during the quarantine has naturally seemed to orientate itself on a deeper understanding of psychedelics and UFOs. Something I already know a fair amount about but have yet to bathe and absorb the teachings. I felt like the situation that the world found itself in was a psychedelic initiation, and I wanted to let it immerse me in the lesson.

I’m currently reading ‘The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, Ufos, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess’ by Terrence Mckenna. Mckenna I find works like me in the sense that he is a strange type of anthropologist, picking and collating nuggets of research on human culture and combining the information freely.

What I gleaned from his text is that the UFO could be seen as the projection of our goals of transcendence. The UFO, rather than merely a nuts and bolts object, a psychic phenomenon or a clear narrative of grey men visiting our earth or interfering with it (it is all of these at once), he sees it as a hyper dimensional object embodying our shared primordial past and the deep future, where ‘time’ ends. It is somewhere we have been and somewhere we will go, humans as non-humans. Our craving to engage with UFOs or extra terrestrials is our desire for contact with the ‘other’. We do this through a lot of types of human behaviours but somehow this type of ‘contact with other’ seems final. There is a sense that after you see it, much like alien contactees, you can’t go back. Our true desires are to be deeply changed by an encounter. 

Mckenna talks of how the real ‘alien’ could in fact be our alienated soul, and I wish to agree. The soul is a hyperdimensional object that carries our Akashic records, our ancestry, and maybe even the floating molecules that escaped from an exploded star and became our bodies. It is capable of appearing as so beyond our comprehension, these images can barely be described even by people for example who have consciously worked with DMT or psilocybin. The UFO soul object is something so eternally present, yet so misunderstood that it seems to appear to humans in bewildering group sightings, in phases of ‘lost time’, where people are suspended completely from their understanding of base reality. This is the kind of ‘psychedelic’ experience an encounter can encourage. The UFO tends to shows up just when we thought we had begun to get a grasp on what the world was, to remind us, we have no clue. 

I always wonder how could we possibly interact with ‘aliens’ when we barely understand another person from a different culture to us, we don’t fully understand psychic events or even such categorized mental health issues such as schizophrenia. We don’t understand even the social intricacies of such an intelligent animal as whales and we don’t even know what is at the bottom of the ocean. Would we even try to understand the deep seas before we destroy the reefs and shoot for life on Mars?

Of course entertaining dreams of alien contact is fresh on the minds of the masses, but conspiracy theories and Judeo-Christian programming of the Internet of the West has framed this ‘landing’ more in the realm of a ‘rapture’, with the chosen 144,000 being taken to another planet to survive the fall, something akin to the elect in the Biblical passages of Isaiah. When we finally can see crystal clear that that which is most ‘other’, that which disturbs us, disgusts us and strikes terror to our bones is in fact, a part of us, maybe we will integrate our projections, and see that this encounter, or dream of off planet saviours, can be achieved without waiting. It is here on earth already, we must dig up the soil where we buried our souls, left to burn in the earth’s core.

I’ve found my research comforting and demystifying in the face of the growing Internet of conspiracies and explanations of what this virus is, what it is doing and what will happen ‘afterwards’. The virus is almost like a simulation of a UFO sighting to me. Exposing false realities as well as creating them, suspending everyone onto a platform of complete unknowingness, losing time, forcing us to confront death, forcing us to see where meaning lies, dangling threats of dystopia and dreams of utopia in front of our eyes. At the end of a certain phase of time, for example a cycle such as Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga in Hinduism, this is what begins to puncture the human experience. The intertwining of the DNA strands of complete opposites, re-arranging to become almost indecipherable. The fight for clear discernment, what is fake and what is real, what is evil and what is good. A clear vision is necessary to bear the sword of truth correctly, or to send the kundalini serpent spiralling up between the alternating channels to pierce the ajna third eye chakra with perfect insight.

My practice during this time is to insist on a world that doesn’t recede our souls so much that we cannot fathom the realness of death. I insist to live in a place where the hyper-dimensional status of ‘being human’ is held in its fullness.

Georgie Lo is a trained social anthropologist, Yoga teacher, dancer, contact improvisation facilitator and performance artist. Her work is in combining bodywork, divination, esotericism and psychoanalytic dream work in an attempt to explore a full spectrum of human embodiment.

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