The Invisible Deers

By Miah Artola

Once I smoked cigarettes in secret and once I was in the courtyard of a monastery with a statue of Buddha glowing grey under the moonlight and slowly began to feel them on the edge of the clearing composed as a drawing, when a shout or a spark from the Buddha went directly into my chest and I fell off my seat.  Once I was in the high mountains, surrounded by stones and sage and veils of rain. There they were again crackling branches  behind me when the chant began stamping gigantic as a monster and the hum of her flicked and brushed away all those long sad years as if they were crumbs on a bed.

About the author

Miah Artola creates interactive installations that combine her paintings and drawings with new media. She has shown her work nationally and internationally in venues such as  The Dome at PS1/MoMA, Queen’s Museum, Museum of Natural History, ARCO Madrid, Andrew Roth Gallery, Experimental Intermedia, Pioneer Works, Galapagos.  She is co-inventor of APE (Audio Peak Etcher), a software which generates sound responsive visuals. Miah is the founder of Artola Digital and a faculty instructor at School of Visual Arts.

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