The Attic by Dannie-Lu Carr

The Attic 

There’s a house in my nightmares
And it towers to the west
The living room is safest
But there’s evil overhead
Restlessness and torment
Lurk in the attic room
Silent screams and dread and murder
Totally consume

When I ascend up the staircase
The lodger warns me with her eyes
She scuttles back and inwards
With white sage burning high
She shuts the door
I hear her pray
Yet still I carry on
To the upstairs place of shadows
Don’t know if I’ll belong

The curtains billow strongly
The room holds heavy hearted
There’s several of them in here

And they’re certainly departed
My bones start to crush inwards
My head is throbbing loudly
The room is spinning round and round
The strong stench hits me proudly

The eldest of the male things
Looms threateningly near
He wheezes, belches, breathes a pong
Intentions very clear
He grabs my hair and pulls it hard
Warns me to never come back
The others circle me like crows
And then I feel my skull crack

I’m staring at the downstairs floor
I’m coming to my senses
But even though it seems untrue
I know exactly where that house is.

Artwork by Claire Zakiewicz

Dannie-Lu Carr is a thought leader in Creativity, Communication and Change. She internationally advises and coaches businesses and individuals as an external consultant, as well as carrying out her own creative roles as a writer, singer/songwriter, theatre director and Meisner Technique specialist.

In 2015, Dannie gave the well-received TEDx Talk ‘The Inconvenient Truth for Culture’ where she defined ‘The Hypercycle’ ( which was followed by her intensive two-year research period into its disorienting effects on creativity, communication and culture.

Creative Wavelengths™( are the result of this ongoing work by Dannie informing creativity, innovation and team cohesion within organisations, so raising their overall Creative Intelligence (CQ). She is currently working on a book which elaborates on this thinking.

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