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I do live streams of piano, uke and singing. I regularly attend open mics. I turned my bathtub into an ever changing art gallery and play in there.

by Gravity, Queen of Love and Hope

I am handling this pandemic by working on my craft. I have been wanting to focus more on learning piano and working on my voice. I was also supposed to start yoga teacher training last month. I started with a minimum of 15 mins a day of piano and yoga and that turned into a daily regime. I tried to do it all in the morning, but I’ve since been able to spread it out during the day and go to it as I feel drawn. I do personal mediation and journaling at least 30 minutes of yoga, at least 30 minutes of reading out loud (right now I am reading The Yoga Tradition and just finished Pussy, A Reclamation) while I use my vocal steamer to wake up my voice. I also do at least an hour of piano. Some of it is super tedious, slow, practice that I was unable to get myself to do prior as well as improvisation, technique, theory and playing my favorite songs. I try to get at least some these things done in the morning so that I can connect with myself before I connect with the rest of the world. I have also started dancing with myself more and really shaking my body loose and opening up my voice. I am really trying to do things that make me happy and feed my soul. I have still been performing. I do live streams of piano, uke and singing. I regularly attend open mics. I turned my bathtub into an ever changing art gallery and play in there. I made a Mermaid PSA with the first song I ever wrote, “One Day At A Time.”

My friends are still producing online events and asked me to be in them. I even led a global sing along with Daybreaker. I rewrote “Part of Your World” To fit the times. I call it “Quarantine World.” 

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I was asked to rewrite "Part of Your World" for the @dybrkr Spring Break Virtual Party. Over 2000 people from all around the world showed up and tuned in from their homes to collectively workout, dance, let loose and connect! I got to lead a sing-a-long with everyone right from my living room! Here is the full song with lyrics for you!! The quality of the video is like an homage to this weird time of connecting online and uncertainty. The sound is similar to video chatting. It starts out a bit grey and grainy, but the sun comes out and colors appears like a glimmer of hope. My dad always says, "strive for excellence, not perfection." I'm grateful that I can share this with you all. I'm grateful that I'm healthy. I'm grateful that I have a home. I'm grateful for technology to be even having these glitches. I'm grateful for all of the people in my life who have helped me evolve into this magical creature. The little cards you see on the walls are intention cards, which are given out at the end of every Daybreaker. They have a reflection question on one side and a quote on the other. The virtual intention card for yesterday was: How are you cherishing each moment? And the quote: "This too, shall pass. When things are bad, remember: It won't always be this way. When things are good, remember: It won't always be this way. Enjoy every great moment." I hope this song brings you love and hope. These are very difficult times. We are all in this together and we WILL get through this! Tail by @costumegasm Portrait of Elliott by @mandycatkitana Special thanks to @elliottlarue @love.radha @eliclarkdavis and the whole Daybreaker team, @lexliketheavenue and everyone from Dispatches: A Virtual Open Mic, @marz_attack @_scott_shorter_ @vocalbrilliance and my mommy and daddy. Much gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, scientists, the frontliners and all essential workers! Stay safe! Stay Sane! Stay Inside! Stay Connected! Love to you all! Donations are appreciated! venmo: @queenofloveandhope www.paypal.me/queenofloveandhope #artinthetimeofcorona #daybreaker #mermaid #partofyourworld #quarantine #quarantineart #thistooshallpass #love #gratitude #inspire #stayinside #covid19

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I do dance livestreams with my friends’ music to encourage people to dance! I rereleased a song I wrote that really goes along with what its happening in the world right now, with everybody blaming everyone else. It’s called “Circle of Blame” 

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"Chaos merely rules the world, don't bother to stop it! History repeats itself; What are we to do? The paradigm of fault and guilt, though you won't admit; they can see through all the holes leading back to you. Decorate the truth, ornament the lies, never bite your tongue when you look 'em in the eyes…" What stories people weave to "point the finger at whoever we choose, to clear our names and to avoid the abuse." What do you think of all this? How can humans as a whole learn to really take accountability for our actions and change for the better? Can we learn to accept blame, learn from our mistakes and be better people instead of repeating actions that clearly are not working? I wrote this song in 2009 and filmed this video in 2016, but I feel like the lyrics are very fitting for these times. A nice little ditty to make you think. Everyone wants to blame someone else for everything. It's becoming more and more of a game called the Circle of Blame. Enjoy the video and the art! I would love to know your thoughts! Please SHARE the video!! Follow me for more! Donations for the arts appreciated!! Partial Proceeds go to @cityharvestnyc! venmo: @queenofloveandhope www.paypal.me/queenofloveandhope Body paint by @michaelmejiaart Filmed by @blestagram Photo by @danielrosephotography This was filmed after the @skinwarsshow Season 3 party hosted by @shelleywapniak #quarantine #artinthetimeofcorona #circleofblame #bodypaint #originalsong #songwriter #onesie #performanceart #blame #art #bodyart #skinwars #music #michaelmejia #yesyesitsblessed #queenofloveandhope

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I am inspired to keep going, learning, creating and connecting. I can think of no excuse that is good enough not to. I have a song that I am currently working on to that I hope to finish soon. Maybe this will keep me accountable. Be on the lookout!! Stay sane everyone! (Donations appreciated!! Venmo: queenofloveandhope Paypal: www.paypal.me/queenofloveandhope)
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Gravity, Queen of Love and Hope, photo Jon Levi

I am Gravity, Queen of Love and Hope! I am a force to be reckoned with. I’m a City Kitty and Jane of all trades in the arts and in life. My true passion is mewsic and helping people feel all the feels that they did not know they were capable of feeling. I play piano and sing. I am currently working on recording my songs and conceptualizing videos for them.  I do modeling of all sorts; figure, nude, bodypaint, underwater, human sculpture,  and cosplay. I am the assistant creatrix for Costumegasm. I do public performances and  readings, I mermaid, I write, I act, I dance, I cook yummy healthy things and I scoot. I scoot everywhere. It’s good for the booty. Ageless and cageless, I aspire to inspire people to live their dream life! I have turned my life into a work of art and it is quite glorious!! 

Featured photo: Gravity, Queen of Love and Hope by B A Van Sise

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