solstice ripples

by Jana Astanov

sometime during the night
some process started in her and around her
she seemed able to exert some control over the nature

racing hearts water enveloping 
bodies swelling and surging
slippery wet shaking anonymous mass of humanity 
under the cover of the new moon in cancer 
at home in ecstasy 
the senses aware of a dense forest 
lush vegetation flowers in full bloom 
stage for fertility rites
reeds embracing the lake shore 
rhythmic movement in ruthless passion
ripples of water ripples in spacetime
vitality and strength 
hope beauty lust 

unwrapping each dark bulge of antimatter 
secretly wanting the universe to watch

Rosekill 2017

photo collaboration Niko van Egten + Jana Astanov
performance She Who Manifests Life 
Summer Solstice &New Moon in Cancer Ritual, Rosekill, 2017

Jana Astanov is an interdisciplinary artist, a poet and an independent curator living in New York. Born in Poland she studied anthropology, philosophy, and linguistics in France, and arts in the UK. She is the author of five collections of poetry: Antidivine, Grimoire, Sublunar, The Pillow Book of Burg, and Birds of Equinox. Follow her on IG @Jana_Astanov & Twitter @JanaAstanov

Featured photo: Jana Astanov, Solstice Wreath – Nocturnal Magick.