Venus is rising through the Shamanatrix LOVOLUTION activation. Tune in!

In the spirit of galactivation and lovolution Shamanatrix Missy Galore is pollinating positivity with music in her FLUFF THE GOODNESS SUPER MOON in LIBRA rite of passage video pumping up the Astrological Wheel of Venusian MAgiC! 

Tune in to LOVOLUTION vibes for Libra NEW MOON manifestation magic. Libra is a cardinal air sign, she activates, she is forward-moving, she is motivated concentrating her energies on the abstract and intellectual. The ruler of Libra VENUS teaches us about LOVE: self-love, self-worth and love for others.

Shamanatrix Missy Galore creates Music and Art to Galactivate HeArts in Loveolution. ​Channeling Psychedelic Devotional Disco and acoustic Wild Flower Mantra Medicine Melodies, her songs are cosmically designed to catalyze love*shine! ​Winner of a Global Peace Song Award for her song Loveolution. Featured in the Sundance Festival, Award Winning documentary film: We Live In Public. Her art’ivism is dedicated to uplifting spirit & unifying hearts in living love.

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