NOUMENA: deLIGHT. Winter Solstice. Altars, Portals & Grottos.

Approach the nexus of energy and magic which lies at the heart of art and the spiritual tuning your senses to the music and light, auric visions possible only along a frequency of truly mystical perception, uniting ART and MAGIC.

Saturday December 21st at The Park Church Co-op, 6:30-10:30pm

In celebrations of the WINTER SOLSTICE
magic & shamanism series
NOUMENA: deLIGHT curated by Jana Astanov
with an art show “Altars, Portals and Grottos”

ARTISTS: Plan 23 with Chris Jordan, Yuko Parris , RoomTemperature, Katie Cercone, abbeyrose, Maira Durate, Chikyu Moon, ASTRALOOP with Jana Astanov, Nikolas van Egten, Ronit Levin Delgado Rojas, Megwyn White.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and the performances starts at 7pm. For the tickets, and your kind and generous donations to support the community of The Park Church Co-Op, follow this link (for the ticket scroll to the bottom of the page):


“Altars, Portals and Grottos” is a group show presenting works from multidisciplinary female artists who work in the medium of installation, sculpture, light, performance, and video. Located in The Park Church Co-op sanctuary, the artworks will illuminate the main space of the temple during the Christmas period, relating to the advent tradition in Christianity and ancient pagan beliefs where the celebration of advent comes from. The idea behind this show is to fulfill the human need for spiritual experiences, bringing light and hope during the darkest time of the year, and therefore to transgress the darkness, to connect with the community through the experience of oneness, to raise beyond the divisions of faith, and to celebrate the transition into the new year.

On view by appointment, December 21-30, 2019
Public access during Noumena: deLIGHT Dec 21st 6:30-10:30pm
+ “Art as Spiritual Practice” conference December 28th 5-8:30pm

Artists: Katie Cercone, Agnieszka Pestka, Kat Ryals, Elena Chestnykh, Shayma Aziz, Miah Artola, Claire Zakiewicz, Maria Liebana, Janice Sloane, Jana Astanov.

NOUMENA: deLIGHT artists:





expresses colorful soundscapes and textures by using various musical gears and her voice experimentally. In the past, she often created DTM and her first EP “Presage” was released from Emerald Records, a music label out of Germany in 2016.

Since the 90s of XXc philosophers and art historians were looking for a term to describe the era after postmodernism, and while the term “anthropocene” became one of them, in terms of cultural production we are experiencing a new type of romanticism: return to feminine, mysticism, magic, nature and spirituality. The occult and magical are re-appearing throughout different art mediums possibly as an answer to our increasingly materialistic world.

In the spirit of this paradigm shift NOUMENA magic & shamanism art series encompasses works focused on ritual, ancient pagan cults, shamanic traditions, witchcraft, occult, esoteric gnosis, folk magic, as well as psychedelic experiences, astrology, magical intents, narratives derived from mythology & religions, and magical and symbolic languages.

Plato described the role of an artist as the one who translates the meanings of the cosmic consciousness for the rest of us. In a similar manner the Shamanese, Xwaay or Shaman, are the go-between medium, revealing the will of the divine and connecting the tribe with its vital force. Today’s artists can be perceived as traditional shamans possessing the power of accelerating humanity’s evolution in consciousness.

In pre-Kantian philosophy “Platonic Ideas and Forms” are described as NOUMENA, and phenomena are things displaying themselves to the senses. In this event NOUMENA: deLIGHT we invite you to explore the IDEAL somehow unknowable WORLD with a group of musicians, artists, poets and performance artists whose work carries on spiritual traditions.

| The Park Church Co-Op |
129 Russell St | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
G-Nassau, L- Graham

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