New Moon in Scorpio. Spiritual Mastery. October 27th.

We already burned off our mortality when the Sun was progressing through Libra so now we need to deal with the ashes as it is indeed the Scorpio’s realm. Life, death, rebirth - we harness the transformative intensity to redefine and readjust to our soul’s highest purpose.

4 degrees and 24 minutes of Scorpio
October 27th, 20:36 PT, 23:36am ET
October 28th, 5:36am GMT

With the New Moon at 4 degrees and 24 minutes of Scorpio we are right at the beginning of the Scorpio season. The Snake is shedding its skin; emotional depths and intensity are on the horizon. Whether you identify with the archetype of the Magician or the Sorceress, the Vamp, or the Seducer, the Witch, or Lord of the Underworld, bring it on as through the extraordinary passion and laser sharp insight we are getting closer to: the Source of all things. The Scorpio archetypes support us on the journey of going deeper into the self. To know your shadow side and be able to accept it and work with it is the embodiment of true emotional and spiritual mastery.  

Before we soar towards the promised land, we ought to face our fears, and that is the soul work championed by Scorpio. 

We already burned off our mortality when the Sun was progressing through Libra so we now need to deal with the ashes, as it is indeed the Scorpio’s realm. Life, death, rebirth – we harness the transformative intensity to redefine and readjust to our soul’s highest purpose. Work in progress, and here I mean the deep soul work, especially with the Mercury going retrograde a few days after the New Moon on October 31st. In Libra we are learning to relate and those lessons are carried on through the Scorpio season which deepens our mastery of relatedness through the extensive and visceral lessons about intimacy, and sharing of our resources: money, sexuality, and our vital forces. 

The sky intensifies too, the major aspect of this New Moon is the opposition of Moon and Sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus at degrees and minutes. In one sentence “Expect the Unexpected”. When was the last time you saw the Black Swan? This New Moon may be well the day! Uranus represents breakthroughs, revolutions, thinking outside the box, spark of genius but also madness, revolt, changes, and unreliability. It is a planet that represents the truth, so be brutally honest with yourself, as the Scorpio would expect you to be. It’s the perfect time to look at your life, and with full honestly change things that no longer serve you such as habits, routines, people, places, jobs. Reassess your life and re-imagine alternatives. Allow yourself to dream yourself. Turn the what ifs to powerful visions or even a vision board for the upcoming year. Do the magician work on your brain, rewire your self image, self talk, any daily habits that block your soul’s growth and step into the quantum reality of manifestation. I am telling y’all! Sink or swim, this is your life I am talking about… 

Sun Uranus opposition happens only once a year, this year it also falls on the New Moon promising a time of deep energy clearing on personal and collective levels. See where those planets fall in your chart, and which houses are affected, as they set the tone for which areas of your life could benefit from this disruptive cosmic flow.

Infinite Yantras: Lakshmi, photography series by Jana Astanov
Happy Diwali! Let’s fill our hearts with thanks for what we hold dear: our health, family, our friends and to the grace of Goddess which never ends. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali… Rejoice on this blessed occasion by spreading joy!

Scorpio is a Water sign, the waters it represents are the frozen ones – holding and preserving. This New Moon can transmute our intentions and see them through realization as it happens right at the beginning of the season so we will have nearly a month to move the energy forward. Deep soul work is also supported by a cluster of celestial objects in the late degrees of Scorpio where Mercury, Venus, and the asteroid Pallas Athena conjunct closely, all forming a sextile to Juno in Virgo, the Goddess of relations (Venus at 24 degrees, Pallas Athena at 25 degrees and Mercury at 26 degrees, all 3 sextile to Juno at 27 degrees of Virgo. 3 feminine archetypes entangled with Mercury herald our readiness to share and hear HERstory, to bring the voice of the heroine to the stage. The collective feminine energy and the secrets she holds may be the key to transmitting the warrior tensions in our world.  And I am not talking here about all encompassing and understanding Mother Goddess, but calling upon the strategic mastermind Princess Warrior Athena, as well as Venus is Scorpio with her unbound untamed passion, and having it all earthy Juno, whose Tarot equivalent of Nine of Pentacles says it all. If not then let me give you something to visualize and attract: success, security, stability, and independence – what else does a woman need? Acknowledge the power you have in your life and over your life by setting intentions that create new lasting foundations. 

Success, security, stability, and independence – what else a woman needs? Acknowledge the power you have in your life.

Also be on guard for what the masculine archetypes are up to. Mars at 15 degrees of Libra squares Saturn at 15 degrees of Capricorn, an PUT aspect that is felt a couple of days before the New Moon then Mars moves on squaring Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn until 6th of November. Avoid drama and channel the energy excess into work: plan, focus, and lay solid foundations for yourself but do not let anyone set you off into a destructive emotional battle. With Pluto things can get explosive, but you always have a choice, so if you pour that energy into projects that serve the greater good, and not only your own hungry ego, you can expect rewards, as the Universe will support you instead of testing. 

It may not be easy, but it can be fruitful, so harness that energy to create a foundation for the upcoming year. Come back to the source – your soul’s desires, and needs, and manifest them through the sheer power of visualization, followed by focused actions. That powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Ceres at 22 degrees of Sagittarius may bring you abundance and prosperity beyond what you know. Ceres the Earth Mother shows how we take care of our physical bodies, financial needs, and lifestyle choices. She is a good omen for the New Moon in Scorpio as she may indicate the path towards financial opportunities.  Thus look up to the Earth Goddess for the blessings. She will manifest! As long as you are brutally (Scorpio) honest (Uranus) with yourself (Sun + Moon) and ready to upgrade (Pluto, Mars) your ways and structures (Saturn). 

Yannanda The One Who Speaks With The Stars
Moon in Libra conjunct Mars 

Featured Photo at the beginning of the article Jana Astanov, Infinite Yantras: Saraswati.

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