New Moon in Aquarius. Creative Masters. January 24th.

With Venus exalted in Pisces conjunct Neptune, it’s a powerful source of imagination that can connect us with the higher self and what’s really truthful and important to us which in turn can give us a boost of confidence.

January 24th 2020, at 04°21′ Aquarius
4:41pm EST

New Moons symbolize a new lunar cycle, and an opportunity to start new projects and to find the new layers of energy within to inspire you towards becoming a more authentic self. Actualizing your dreams, hopes and aspirations align with the powerful energies of SheUniverse bringing potentialities through the creative soul work. 

After the intensity of the Capricorn / Cancer eclipse season, you are ready to welcome new energies with the Aquarian songs of the future. This new lunar cycle begins on January 24th, exact at 4:41pm EST. The Sun and the Moon on 4 degrees and 21 minutes of Aquarius emerging from duty evoking journey through Capricorn and its current inhabitants: Ceres, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the South Node… It’s not all over yet, we will be under the spell of Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the year (check your own chart to see which area of life is being affected). If you still feel the burden of the eclipses the Aquarian archetypes can act as an activation for the new energies to flow in. Ask yourself what you can initiate using the power of the lunar cycle to shift your reality…

Uranus is about innovation and disruption. It is also the planet of a paradigm shift,  and moving from 3D to 5D reality, from the past to the future, from fear based survival to unconditional love, peace, and happiness… With strong Uranus you can expect sudden breakthroughs in perspective or awareness that are intellectual in nature but can actually change everything. Think of Uranus as a paradigm-shifter and the rebel, the progressive and the outcast, the political activist and the experimenter, the mad scientist and the genius. The ruler of Aquarius can bring excitement into your life but can also cause turmoil and confusion,  so be aware and remain steady under the influence of this airy brainy type.

So as to break our frame of mind let’s look into the origins of this Sky God. Western astrology named all the planets using mostly Roman mythology, and in case of Uranus (or Ouranos) Greek mythology from a certain historical period. However, if we study deeper we learn it was actually the Queen of The Heavens UR-ANA that was first. In ancient Summer “AN” meant “HEAVEN”. Later “An” turned into “ANNA” meaning “queen” or “Goddess-mother” like the Sumerian Goddess Innana. Sappo uses Ana for Anassa (queen),  sharing the root with Irish mythology Ana or Annan (Danaan goddess). And here we can rely on Robert Grave who writes: “Uranus the father of the Titans according to Greek classical mythology, it is likely to have originally been their Mother – Ura-ana, Queen Ura. The more numerous the poetic meanings that could be concentrated in a sacred name, the greater was its power. The mid-summer letter “ur” is also connected with ur earth, also the root found in Latin words “area” “a plot of earth”. The Greek word era “earth” connected suggest that Erana or Arana or Urana was the Earth-goddess whose favour had to be asked when fields were ploughed or cities (urves or urbes) founded.” Isn’t it fascinating how the female principle was usurped by male?

Annan (also known as Danu)
Earth Goddess in Celtic Mythology

With Urana, The Queen of Heavens, we break the established symbolism of the Mother Earth and the Father Sky, and we give the power back to the Goddess, the primordial creative principle that birthed our world.

This New Moon has a very Aquarian feel to it with a square to Uranus in Taurus which adds speed and excitement. New ideas will flow in easily, we are more open to creative, out of the box solutions, and possible cosmic downloads. With Mercury exalted in Aquarius, writing and speaking comes easily, the mind is resourceful, intuitive and objective. This is an excellent time to get involved with groups and organizations that share our values. Open up to the use of technology. It can be as simple as downloading an app that helps you recognize the plants you encounter or to follow the constellations on the sky. We are collectively preparing for the arrival of a new Aquarian era: time of equal access to the data that will result in more equitable society in its most idealistic expressions.

A powerful aspect formed during this New Moon in the conjunction of Venus, representing personal affection and human love and Neptune, in turn, expressing the transcendental love and compassion. Furthermore, they are both associated with  artistic expression. With Venus exalted in Pisces conjunct Neptune, there is tremendous creativity we can tap into, accessible through the medium of trance / meditation / breath-work / visualization / dance. It’s a powerful source of imagination that can connect us with the higher self and what’s truthful and important to us,  which in turn can give us a boost of confidence. The square of Mars in Sagittarius to Venus and Neptune, gives us the courage to bring out the beauty that can be experienced through altered states of consciousness. This conjunction directs our energies and motivations to be guided by the compassionate heart,  which is a great antidote to the airy, and at times, overly intellectual sign of Aquarius. We connect to art through the emotional affinity. We are in the flow in the process of creation through the feeling of oneness, with our mind, body and heart, and to add that Neptunian perspective – the whole Cosmos, known and unknown… Meditation or creative trance become medication.

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars

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