LIT- anti-APAP 2020

Fri, Sat Jan 10&11  9pm door
100 GRAND, SOHO (at mercer)

“The woman to my left conveys her enjoyment to me. I nod… and venture a small, contented, only-in-New-York sigh” –  Deborah Jowitt, ArtsJournal 

Catch an intimate look at intimate contemporary dance workings by Bill Young and Colleen Thomas and their SohoLoft Show with an exhibition of paintings by Claire Zakiewicz

including performance by
Adriane Fang
Burr Johnson 
Darrin Wright
Jamie Scott    
Lindsey Jones                                                       
Nadia Halim
Sadi Mosko
Gary Champi
Anthony Phillips
Jo Morris 
Peter Chamberlin 
Rochelle Wilbun 
Joe Levasseur – LIGHTING
Rachel Jones – COSTUMES

$15  Resv:  212 925 6573


Door stays open,come early come late
A little taste/tease…    

  2 duos (Lindsey/Burr, Darrin/Dare)

 Off (for Lauren & Gary)  

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