imagining different futures

When do I need to listen and when do I need to act in support of justice and regenerative systems?

by Tusia Dabrowska

April 1-June 15.2020
Studio Notes*

Competition does not work.
How can storytelling become a tool for imagining different futures?
When do I need to listen and when do I need to act in support of justice and regenerative systems?
What is liveness, and what is the relationship between space and sharing moments? Between separation and keeping another person’s attention?
How does consumerism become irrelevant?
What are some interesting cooperative models of experimental media/theater production?
How can I create space for other women media artists? 

*In April, I was the artist in residence at mhDIGITAL and worked on a series of digital assemblages called THE MONEY MAKING MACHINE that included “I can’t click anymore”. The latter is my first 360 video and my first collaboration with the choreographer Wanda Gała. In May, I began collaborating on MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS, an AR audio app that was commissioned by FestivAlt in Kraków. Also, Michelle Levy and I spent some time talking about cooperative modes of production that can support women artists. Finally, I am enrolled in the Orchard Project’s Liveness Lab. In June, I had limited studio time. 

Tusia Dabrowska, “I can’t click anymore” 2020.

LINKS: website
The Money Making Machine
The Orchard Project’s Liveness Lab
mhProject // mhDIGITAL

Tusia Dabrowska, Imaginary Friends 2020.

Tusia Dabrowska works at the intersection of storytelling, performance and media. Recent work has been seen at, among others, EdgeCut (2020), Soft Surplus (2019), Circle1 (Berlin, 2019), mhProject (2019); with Maria Hupfield: BRIC (2018), The Gibney Dance Theater (2017), and Museum of Art and Design (2017); Frequency Fridays at the Fuse Factory (Columbus, OH, 2017), Open Source Gallery (2017), The PrintScreen Festival (Tel Aviv, 2016), The Great Wall of Oakland (Oakland, CA, 2016), and TAFNY (2015). Her work has been supported by the Puffin Foundation (2014) and Asylum Arts (2018). Tusia was the artist in residence at Signal Culture (2017), BRICWorkspace (2017-2018), mhProject Space (2019), KonventZero (2019), and mhDIGITAL (2020).