FULL MOON IN PISCES SEPTEMBER 2nd. Spherical Consciousness.

by Yannanda

Full moons symbolize a peak of energies, and occur when the Sun (the ego) opposes the Moon (the soul). The cosmic tensions are mostly felt on the personal level as full moons are focused on the emotional and instinctual, allowing you to gain insight into the dynamics of your intimate relationships, and through the power of intuitive insight, adjust them accordingly. Full Moons often bring inner conflicts to the surface, however, with the Pisces Full Moon on September 2nd the energies of the sky are exceptionally beneficial and in harmony with the heavy load of Capricorn planets.

Pisces Full Moon, Sept 2nd 2020, 1:22am

This Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 2nd a little bit past midnight at 1:22 am in New York (check your time zone accordingly), the Sun is at 10 degrees and 12 minutes of Virgo and the Moon opposite to the Sun at 10 degrees and 12 minutes of Pisces creating a wide stellium with Ceres, Mother Goddess at 4 degrees and androgynous Neptune at 19 degrees of Pisces. The Moon conjunct Ceres represents two motherly archetypes united to nurture us within the cosmic consciousness and unconditional love which is what Neptune brings to this powerful stellium of love. Spherical consciousness and heart-mind wisdom are our guides.

Neptune, the ruler of this Full Moon, can represent a myriad of archetypes from The Dreamer, the Visionary, the Mystic, the Escape-Artist, and the Invisible One, to the Counselor, the Saint, and also the Martyr. They are the great Visionary with artistic talents, the musician who can hear the music of the spheres, the Filmmaker, as well as the Psychic, the Trance Medium, the Spiritual Guide, the Illusionist, and the Pretender. 

Transiting Sun in Virgo forms a potent Grand Earth Trine with powerful energizing trine to Uranus at 10 degrees of Taurus and Pallas Athena at 12 degrees of Capricorn. The energies of Virgo work harmoniously with Pallas Athena, the Warrior Goddess but also the Goddess of Craftsmanship which is also one of the expressions of the Virgin, the power to create, and manifest on the earthy plane. With Uranus at the exact same degree as the Sun, we can expect cosmic downpours of creative solutions. This planetary alignment can bring a power injection and long lasting results to the actions initiated during this time, in the areas represented by oceanic unifying energies of the Virgo and Pisces. So expect your daily routines, health, work, and everything that may improve your life to be infused by the ethereal qualities of Pisces and brilliance of Uranus and Pallas. This also means that we ought to move beyond what we perceive as dual divisions, so suspend your judgement of what’s good and bad, right and wrong, and follow the lead of the Moon in Pisces, a mutable water sign that brings flexibility and openness to what needs to shift.

There are particular energies during this period, with most of the planets in earthy signs. Strong elements of earth give the goal-oriented, ambitious and grounding quality with Sun, and Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas Athena in Capricorn. 

Since Neptune is affecting this Full Moon with a lot of energy, your emotional nature will be in direct connection with your higher eternal self that is all knowing and contains all the answers. You are also likely to travel into other realms, so open yourself up to those psychic experiences, indulge the need to daydream, or sleep, as during your slumbers you may receive powerful visions and unexpected injections of creative ideas. 

Neptune is the Compassionate One, the planet that rules the sign representing our era of Pisces, but he is also the Chameleon, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, unsure which one is right and which one will ultimately decide on the course. The last couple of thousand years of the Piscean epoch wasn’t exactly peaceful and loving, as if Pisces were still struggling to shake of the previous human era of ego driven, and war loving Aries before stepping into the era of detached and equality bringing Aquarius. 

We are now consciously moving away from hierarchical Pisces era that could be described using Shakespearean dilemma “to be or not to be”. Through this phrase we may understand the spiritual rules of the Piscean times in which one needs a higher order, faith, religion, a belief system, because the knowledge / gnosis belongs to the elite, and the individual needs such a belief system to exist. The evolving planetary culture and the planetary awareness are directing us towards the era of equality and technology or equality through technology…where we all have equal access to the gnosis / data which results in the mastery of self realisation inscribed within a formula “be to be”. The Self knows it all, the self beyond the ego, here to express itself fully.



This Full Moon is taking place in the 24th Nakshatra SATABHISHA, with the Moon located at 16 degrees of Aquarius. Satabhisha is known for its Power of Healing, and it is represented by a closed circle, a symbol of “a hundred physicians”. Associated with Rahu, the North Node and ruled by Saturn, this combination brings tenaciousness to investigate all Rahu issues: eccentricity, desire, obsession and unpredictability. Satabhisha is often described as mystical, introverted, and visionary, it’s also where the deep cosmic understanding of all things can be experienced as it gives us the inclination to meditate on emptiness (within the enclosed magical circle) with the sudden revelations and insights.

Touched: A mythic bird performance by Jaguar Mary X, 2018, Photo by Erik McGregor

The Deity that rules Satabhisha is omnipresent Varuna, the God of the Oceans also associated with the clouds and the sky. It is said that Varuna has a thousand eyes that see all we do and think. Which brings us back to the spherical consciousness this Full Moon awakens, feeling it all, at once, like the Water deities, both Neptune and Varuna. It is also the ability to transgress the time, rooted in the present with simultaneous access to the ancient past and future. It’s time to remember what we forgot. We are part of cosmic consciousness that extends far beyond our Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy. We are stardust, and the building particles of the Universe. The energy of our actions and thoughts affects the magnetic field of the Earth, so it’s time to move away from 3D reality where we are affected by fear and lower expressions of our consciousness to the Fourth Dimension where we awaken, and clear the consciousness from patterns of destruction, and deeply ingrained generational traumas, so we can collectively rise and shift towards the Fifth Dimension. We are part of the Cosmic Plan, to raise the consciousness and live up to the fullness of our spiritual potential. 

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars
with her Moon…in Pisces!