Leo RITUALS for the Aquarian Foreplay.

The cosmic mana, chi, prana, elan, stars' radiance is entering your body and soul. Breathe it in. Be in the flow. Inhale and exhale, feel the energy cleansing your whole being and energizing you. You can repeat the intention for the Leo Full Moon: The true self of the heart joyfully manifests itself in this world.

By Yannanda

If you read my astral updates you possess (have accessed) the knowledge of planetary alignments; however, to actively integrate it into your life you will need to feel it in your body and soul – the knowledge needs to reach your conscious and subconscious being – turning the knowing into becoming.

Cosmic gnosis needs to reach your conscious and subconscious mind – turning the knowing into becoming.

Below I offer you 3 ways to activate the energy of the Full Moon in Leo:

1. Breathing meditation

The word inspiration comes from the latin word ‘inspire’ meaning ‘to breath’. In the Vedic ‘Devi Sukta’ Hymn to the Goddess she is saying:

“My breathing gives birth to all the worlds and yet extends beyond them.” During meditation we always focus on the breath. We breathe in energy and we breath to purify and cleanse our spirit and inner organs, to rejuvenate with the light that penetrates through us with each conscious breath. We can imagine the energy that enters us reflecting the divine flow. It can be gentle and softening or energizing and empowering. With breath comes intention so with each breathe in and out focus on your goal, phrase it or visualize it. 

Ancient Greeks described inspiration as breathing in God who is breathing life into us. Use consciously the creative power of your breath to bring positive changes into your life. 

There are two types of breathing in kundalini yoga: deep long breathing and the breath of fire. I suggest you do the breath of fire to represent the fire element of Leo. 

Do it for at least one minute or ideally 3 times for each, 1minute long. 

Breath of Fire is a rhythmic breath with equal emphasis on the inhale and exhale, no deeper than sniffing. It’s done by pumping the naval point towards the spine on the exhale and releasing the naval out on the inhale. It’s practiced through the nostrils with mouth and eyes closes.

2. Lion Goddess Sekhmet visualization  

Leo is connected to the heart chakra opening us to the Sacred Heart Wisdom: Love, Creation, Connection and Blissfulness, feeling of being One with the Universe. This is also a name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, Sun’s personification, devi with a head of a lioness, She is the Heart of the Sun. The Self beyond the Ego. Her mantra: SA SEKHEM SAHU reveals that Sekhmet is the power that grants us eternal life. 

Sa – protection of life, life force, Sekhmet – The Powerful One, Sahu – the eternal spiritual body. During this Full Moon meditate on the Goddess, let her solar fire energy fill your body and spirit, visualize yourself as her, powerful, happy, and fulfilled, see it and feel it. Repeat the mantra: SA SEKHEM SAHU. 

3. Leo-Aquarius axis meditation

Tune in to The Self beyond the Ego mantra from ASTRALOOP. https://soundcloud.com/astraloop/self-beyond-the-ego

The self beyond the ego is a mantra for the cosmic portals to open and bestow on us the self-knowledge guiding us all towards a more awoke living.

We are now consciously moving away from hierarchical Pisces era that could be described using Shakespearean dilemma “to be or not to be” in which one needs a higher order, faith, religion because the knowledge / gnosis belongs to the elite, and the individual needs a belief system to exist. The evolving planetary culture and the planetary awareness are directing us towards the era of equality and technology or equality through technology…known as the era of Aquarius (entering point circa 2300) during which we all have equal access to the gnosis / data which results in the mastery of self realization inscribed within a formula “be to be” and also expressed through the Leo-Aquarius axis. The Self knows it all, the self beyond the ego. Here to express itself fully. The times we currently live in already contain the seeds of the Aquarian epoch, and our individual and collective awareness is experiencing, what I like to call, the Aquarian Foreplay…

4. Star Prayer Ritual

Finally, here is my advanced Star Prayer Ritual – those who have experienced my rituals in person will know that to reach to the stars we first need to ground. Stand tall, spread your feet, bend your knees, lower your hips and see yourself being rooted deeply, connecting to the earth center. Feel your root chakra, see the red light coming from the center of the earth into your body and use this energy to make the sound “RA” vibrating through your tongue, mouth wide open, the tongue sticking out as if it was to touch your chin. Hands spread parallel to your legs, with the thumb – the fire, Leo – touching the index finger – the air, Aquarius. The sound activates your throat chakra and connects a circuit of energy through your spine, from your throat to your root, activating the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart, coming out of your mouth and from the tip of the tongue connecting again with the Root as you keep on repeating the “RA” sound. 

When you are ready, rise up, facing the Moon Goddess and then practice these three steps. Bring your hands towards your center, at the height of your heart, palms touching each other, legs close together; feel comfortable and balanced.

Breath. Inhale, lowering your head while the air travels through your nostrils, ribs to your stomach, your root, and then exhale from your stomach, ribs, mouth, head rising towards the Moon.

Take your time, focus on your breath, be aware of the energy of the Moon. Be aware of the energy of the Leo Moon. Now repeat slowly 3 times:

The true self of the heart joyfully manifests itself in this world. 

You can add your own prayer, including intentions that you want to see come true. It’s always best to work with the universe, so include the intentions relating to the area where the Leo Moon resides in your chart. For me it is in my 10th house relating to the career and public standing, thus my intentions: 

“My true self shines through my work, which is the true expression of my heart desires” or “My work reflects my soul’s purpose” or “All mighty universe I am ready to embrace the abundance and generosity, I am ready for the new opportunities to expand my work and life path”. 

Those are examples which should give you an idea of the infinite potential within the cosmos. 

Let your prayer sit in your heart as your breath creates a circuit of energy between your heart and your hands. When you are ready, raise your hands high above your head, palms facing each other, legs close together. Feel comfortable and tall. Your intentions carried from the heart towards the Moon Goddess, your hands cradling the energy and opening up towards the cosmos. Head facing the Moon, send your prayers towards the stars; at the same time feel the energy of the stars entering you. Breath. Widen your arms to create a semicircle with the Moon above you, including the planet Mars, activating energy. Feel the pull of the cosmic forces and the energy circuit now extending from the universe into your body through the fingertips. The cosmic mana, chi, prana, elan, stars’ radiance is entering your body and soul. Breathe it in. Be in the flow. Inhale and exhale, feel the energy cleansing your whole being and energizing you. Repeat the intention for the Leo Full Moon:
The true self of the heart joyfully manifests itself in this world. 

You can keep your eyes ope. If you are able to see the star light entering your body, rejoice. If not, visualize rays of cosmic energy entering your body through the fingertips. It helps to be aware of the planetary positions* and calibrate your body to fully express your intentions. Absorb the Mars energy to activate, and absorb the Venus energy to heal and augment the love and joy. Open up your heart to the Moon and let your true self shine, rise, and thrive…

Breath inside the astral rhythm. Meditate on the cosmic light. 

When you are ready, slowly lower your hands to your sides, and fold down your spine thanking the sky and pouring the excess of the energy into the earth. Relax, sit or stand, whatever feels comfortable and notice how joyful, playful, rejuvenated, unweighted, and energized your body and soul become. Smile, and welcome your new reality. 

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars

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