Lunar Eclipse, January 10th Planetary Perspective

It is a powerful astrological time and we can expect the external events to reflect those energies. The consequences of these planetary alignments will extend for the coming months. We feel the energies of eclipses up to a month before and six months after their occurrence.

Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse January 10th 2020, 2:21pm EST

6 things you need to know to survive the January 2020 planetary Apocalypse
by Yannanda

The eclipse season is a powerful vortex of energy that heralds changes and opens new possibilities. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the energies are present and the gravitational field of our Solar System suspended within the Milky Way galaxy affects us on both an individual and collective level. 

In my astrology practice I use game theory based on strategic interactions between the decision makers in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the damages within the given model. The game of life we play… 

The Cancer Full Moon and the Lunar eclipse which falls on January 10th 2020, at 2:21 pm, EST, represents a big energetic wave pulling us into the vortex of power, control, and all the negative connotations that arise in relation to the abuse of power. This is followed up on January 12th, 2020, by the infamous Pluto / Saturn conjunction, exact at 10:04am EST.

It is a powerful astrological time and we can expect the external events to reflect those energies. The consequences of these planetary alignments will extend for the coming months. We feel the energies of eclipses up to a month before and six months after their occurrence. This eclipse season commenced in December, with the Solar Eclipse on December 26th releasing the karma through the conjunction with our collective past of the South Node in Capricorn. The potency of Eclipses is tightly linked to the Nodal axis, with the North Node representing our destiny and the South Node our past.  Here is my lecture on the Eclipses and the Nodes:

Currently the Nodal axis transits through Cancer and Capricorn, so our lessons are rooted in the expressions of each of those signs. We always have a choice; we are always free to choose, therefore acknowledging the responsibility for our choices on the level of awareness we possess in that particular point in our lives. Each sign has its higher and lower expression and we are called to embrace the transformative vision of each of them.

    Use the highest expression of Cancerian energy of  LOVE and KINDNESS in all your endeavours. The biggest danger with the water signs are poor boundaries and unequal redistribution of life resources. Learn to say “NO” with love and kindness and without feeling guilt. Love yourself and respect your own energy; taking care of oneself is an act of kindness that keeps on giving when your own soul flourishes and is ready to share – within the well established boundaries which the water signs always need to learn about! The element of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are both feminine energies, directed inward – both intuitive and receptive. The Wheel of Life teaches us about the conservation of resources. One cannot keep on giving unconditionally: we need to restore and rejuvenate. Those are the most basic lessons derived from the natural cycles which we are continually interrupting as a species. If you are afraid of divine feminine fury and the Earth rebellion, then you need to check in your human privilege. 
    Internalize the responsibility you hold over your own life, actions, potential for change, and impact on the community you are part of, an ever-evolving quantum dance of existence. Live up to your words, take responsibility for what you promised and committed to regardless of how big or small your obligations are. You have a choice.  You are free to act, so if you choose integrity then Saturn, the God of Time and Duty will nod approvingly as you overcome the fear to act, and push the limits of personal comfort to take responsibility for your own life and those who are part of it. 
    Pluto in Capricorn, the generational slow-moving planet calls upon us to collectively acknowledge a concept of personal responsibility reverberating and enhancing the Capricorn theme. Pluto reveals where we most covertly resist change, therefore also showing us where we have the opportunity to rise above personal fears. Residing in the sign of Capricorn, Pluto tests the structures of our political and economic systems, based on a sense of moral and ethical integrity. We became all codependents of a system that is not functioning, that is, taking more than it can give. This imbalance creates a distorted sense of responsibility within us all, for the system is failing us and we need to transform it, and assume greater personal accountability for the impact we have on our world. 
    Saturn in Capricorn represents structures and authority both external and internal. To live up to the highest calling of this authoritative rule you need to accept the responsibility and authority for manifesting the goals that you determine are for the public good, driven by the principle of social progress. You have the personal power  to act upon the larger system of political and economic structures. If the system isn’t fulfilling its function, you have every right to acknowledge it and call it out. Your personal goal is to act upon it, and find ways of restoring the balance. How? With the Saturn in Capricorn we are called to acknowledge ourselves as the creators of authority; we need to recognize our power to climb above self-imposed limitations through the practical skills of organizing and managing
    Ceres in Capricorn conjunct Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn. The asteroid Ceres is associated with the ancient Roman Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility who also represents the principle of the Mother Earth, also associated with the ancient Great Mother Goddess and Gaia. She is a sustaining and life giving goddess, however in Capricorn she takes on a more severe persona emphasizing her organizational nature and depriving the emotional support that we all expect from the motherly love. To keep things in order the Mother Earth needs to self regulate. According to the Gaia hypothesis, the Earth itself is a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism. The theory named after the Greek goddess of Earth, Gaia, was developed in the 1960s and popularized in the 70s by scientist and inventor James E. Lovelock and biologist Lynn Margulis. Gaia, Demeter, Mawu and Ceres are one;  they represent the Mother Earth, a living system in which all organisms, organic and non-inorganic, are closely integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. If as a species we are unable to live in harmony with our environment, it is not the Earth that will go extinct but the human race that most likely will be shrugged off the surface of the planet, while the Earth restores its equilibrium. The Goddess in a tight embrace with all these planets will use Mercury to communicate the urgency of the situation, and Pluto and Saturn to shake off the burden of our civilization.
    Neptune, The Dreamer, the Visionary, the Mystic, and The Compassionate One, creates a softening mystical influence over the heavy load of Capricorn with a sextile to the Sun and trine to the Moon acting as our Spiritual Guide. In its own sign of Pisces it allows us to feel it all: suffering, death, destruction… Its divinely empathic nature makes us more compassionate, and its visionary powers give us hope for averting the annihilation of the planet, as long as we learn to understand the lessons of Capricorn..

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars
January 7th, Moon in Gemini

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