Uranus brings the capacity to change dimensions, The Aquarian Portal invites us into heavens so we could bring a piece of it with us back to the Earth and into our daily human lives. Share your intuitive insights with others so the “critical mass” needed for the paradigm shift can be reached!

11:29 am EST
Sun in Leo at 11 degrees 45 minutes
Moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees 45 minutes

Full moons symbolize a peak of energies, and occur when the Sun (the ego) opposes the Moon (the soul). Through the external pressures, antagonistic energies bring up inner conflicts to the surface. This may translate into obstacles between your home and work; your desires and your needs. The cosmic tensions are mostly felt on the personal level as full moons are focused on the emotional and instinctual, allowing you to gain insight into the dynamics of your intimate relationships, and through the power of intuitive insight, adjust them accordingly.

This Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 3rd, the Sun is at 11 degrees 45 minutes, and the Moon opposite to the Sun at 11 degrees 45 minutes of Aquarius. Uranus is the ruler of this Full Moon, he is the Paradigm-Shifter, The Rebel, the Force For Change, the Inventor, the Idealist, and also the Genius! Situated at 10 degrees of Taurus it creates a T-square to the Sun and Moon opposition acting as an apex and providing the channel for the unsettling opposition. If you follow his call he will bring to your life excitement, novelty and out of the box ideas. However, if you resist his original ways and try to hold onto the status quo he will send shock waves, in form of upsetting circumstances or people so you can get out of your own shell. Be prepared for the unexpected, and seek that Black Swan!

Following up on the energies from the New Moon on July 20th, this week brings more harmonious resolutions. A wide conjunction between Chiron and Mars in Aries aspects the Full Moon with a trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon allowing us to channel the fiery Martian archetype in constructive ways. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, currently transiting through Aries (2018-2027), teaches us about leadership, healing the wounds around self worth, assertiveness, and the need to lead and assume one’s role as the community organizer which is especially valid with the humanitarian focus of the Aquarian Moon. Chiron conjunct Mars catalyzes unusually difficult experiences that accelerate our process of transformation if we have the strength to understand and overcome our shortcomings. We have been experiencing this conjunction since the beginning of July so the process has been activated, and right now with the supporting energies of the Full Moon (trine to the Sun, and sextile to the Moon) we can access the potential for transformation on individual and collective levels.

This leads us to process of collective evolution, and this Full Moon on the Leo / Aquarius axis creates opportunities to understand the symbols and cycles that govern our civilization. Sun opposition Moon opens up the Aquarian Portal, showing you a glimpse of what is possible if your ego and soul energies resolve the polarity: the individual and the collective, and the personal and the universal. Those cosmic tensions expand your understanding and your comfort zones towards the direction you need to go in order to serve your soul’s highest purpose. Share your uniqueness with a larger tribe so we all collectively raise our consciousness and work together in harmonious ways, co-creating high frequency reality. 

What does Era of Aquarius represents in our collective imagination?

Through the Aquarian Portal we enter the Aquarian Paradigm-shifting, Uranus the ruler of this Full Moon solves the problem from outside the problem, rendering it irrelevant. Moving to the new level requires a complete disruption and reorganization of all the information from the old level; revolutionary energies may bring on chaos so as to reorganize the system into a new entity. With Uranus in Taurus square to the Sun and the Moon, attune yourself to what comes up during the Full Moon – you may experience the “Aha!” moment which may help you to shift the perspective on some old issue you have been struggling with.

Uranus brings the capacity to change dimensions, The Aquarian Portal invites us into heavens so we could bring a piece of it with us back to the Earth and into our daily human lives.  Share your intuitive insights with others so the “critical mass” needed for the paradigm shift can be reached! 

When does the Era of Aquarius begin? To answer this question all astrologers, whether Western or Hindu use the same indicator using the Sidereal (Vedic) system, and the indicator called Sidereal Vernal Point which tells us which era our civilisation is situated in. Sidereal Vernal Point moves slowly, for the last 2000 year has been within the constellation of Pisces moving towards Aquarius and as of July 2020 it is at 4 degrees of Pisces. By 2050 it will reach 4 degrees 32 minutes 44 seconds, and it will move to the sign of Aquarius circa 2300 – where we all shall meet in our future karmic forms… 

Which one do you follow? Jyotish astrology or Western?! Vedic is focused on the Moon with its 27 Nakshatras (Moon Mansions) and Western is Sun based emphasizing 12 Zodiac signs. Vedic follows the actual constellations giving us the astronomical view of the sky while Western is man made, frozen is time some 2000 years ago and based on March Equinox set for 0 degrees of Aries. 

I follow both systems. But mostly I love looking up towards the sky just like the ancient priestesses did long time ago… As this feels like auspicious time I decided to also add the Vedic / Jyotish astrological analysis of this Full Moon which you can read here:

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars

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