Full Moon in Aquarius August 15th Aquarian Paradigm Shift

5:29 am PT 8:29 am ET, 1:29 pm GMT

Full moons symbolize a peak of energies, and occur when the Sun (the ego) opposes the Moon (the soul). Through the external pressures, antagonistic energies bring up inner conflicts to the surface. This may translate into obstacles between your home and work; your desires and your needs. The cosmic tensions are mostly felt on the personal level as full moons are focused on the emotional and instinctual, allowing you to gain insight into the dynamics of your intimate relationships, and through the power of intuitive insight, adjust them accordingly.

This Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 15th, the Sun is at 22 degrees and 24 minutes of Leo conjunct Venus, and the Moon opposite to the Sun at 22 degrees and 24 minutes of Aquarius. Uranus is the ruler of this Full Moon, he is the Paradigm-Shifter, The Rebel, the Force For Change, the Inventor, the Idealist, and also the Genius!

Following up on the energies from the New Moon on July 31st, this week brings even more fiery force into your life. With Leo Sun, Venus, Juno (committed relationships), Mars, and Mercury (finally out of his retrograde shadow!), also Chiron (wounded healer) in Aries and Ceres (the nurturing mother), as well as Jupiter in Sagittarius, the accumulation of fire in the sky can turn you into an inspired creator or a bully, so choose wisely amongst the strong archetypes. Also if you have a lot of planets in late degrees of fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, you may experience more tension than you might be able to cope with.

With Vesta in Taurus as an apex to t-square with Moon and Sun conjunct Venus, you are most likely to follow one of these two scenarios: you focus on pleasure and social situations and refuse to work at all, or the opposite: you avoid social interactions and emotional connections by focusing on getting things done. So don’t lose your focus, curb your enthusiasm (yes too much fire can lead to anger outbursts!), and between indulgence and asceticism consciously follow the middleway. 

This week the planetary alignment of Sun in a tight embrace of Venus,  planet of relationships, values, and artistic abilities, encourage you to seek social interactions that offer the potential for building a lasting community. The inspired creative heartfelt energies of Leo can bring the best in you,  helping to define your talents that can also serve others.

Sun opposition Moon opens up the Aquarian Portal, showing you a glimpse of what is possible if your ego and soul energies resolve the polarity: the individual and the collective, and the personal and the universal. Those cosmic tensions expand your understanding and your comfort zones towards the direction you need to go in order to serve your soul’s highest purpose. Share your uniqueness with a larger tribe so we all collectively raise our consciousness and work together in harmonious ways, co-creating high frequency reality. 

What does Era of Aquarius represents in our collective imagination?, Jana Astanov, Jadeive series, digital collage. Right now on view @LocalProject gallery https://www.facebook.com/events/936896746671116/

Through the Aquarian Portal we enter the Aquarian Paradigm-shifting, Uranus the ruler of this Full Moon solves the problem from outside the problem, rendering it irrelevant. Moving to the new level requires a complete disruption and reorganization of all the information from the old level; revolutionary energies may bring on chaos so as to reorganize the system into a new entity. With Uranus in Taurus square to Mercury in Leo, attune yourself to what comes up during the Full Moon and especially the following day on August 16th. This particular aspect is what we call the genius streak – the “Aha!” moment.

The weather forecast predicts 99% chance of cosmic downloads so get ready for the cutting edge ideas to pour through.

Uranus brings the capacity to change dimensions, The Aquarian Portal invites us into heavens so we could bring a piece of it with us back to the Earth and into our daily human lives.  Share your intuitive insights with others so the “critical mass” needed for the paradigm shift can be reached! 

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars

P.S. In my natal chart you will  find Uranus exalted in Scorpio square one degree conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Leo,  channeling the Truth to the People. Own your unique talents and share them with the world!

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