Aries represents pure outlet for swiftness and acceleration. The Martian order is: “Go, go, go!” in the direction defined by the Equinox chart, and the transition of Saturn into Aquarius tells us to build systems that connect people, leading towards a more equitable, science based society.

March 19-20th affecting us for the next 3 months until Summer Solstice

Spring Equinox is here!  March 19th &20th is marked by a potent cosmic opening. The Sun ingresses into the cardinal sign of Aries at 23:50pm EST March 19th and 3:50am GMT March 20th, and will remain on the zero degree until 11:59 pm March 20th EST and 3:59am GMT March 21st. The first and last degrees of each sign are the critical points within the Zodiac.

The chart of the Spring Equinox with the Sun in the 4th house is a night chart, with most of the planets occupying the first six houses.

The Cosmic Portal of the BIG Entrance to one of the four Cardinal points of the astrological Wheel of the Year, (which are the dates corresponding to Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice) is the gateway to manifesting through the energy of leadership. Use the cosmic forces to activate, to motivate, and to move-forward! This four-angle portal brings different energies with each different quadrant. With Aries, a cardinal, fire sign ruled by Mars, we are experiencing a boost of energy helping us to take reality in stride. With its pioneering, courageous, intense survival spirit, we are launched to fearlessly conquer the world. And what a kind of world we are facing these days… We certainly need the here and now Aries attitude. Being in the moment of the Martian type, not the Piscean mindfulness and unity with the spirit of the Universe, but the here and now of a warrior attentive to the changing environment. Aries is action oriented – taking care of our affairs and our world that seemingly is shifting every minute, just like the statistics of the world overtaken by the pandemic. 

Joan of Arc, feminine expression of the Mars energy

When Sun enters Aries it conjuncts the Aries Point (first degree of the zodiac) and the cycle of the astrological Wheel of the Year begins, already containing the energies of the upcoming events. The chart of the Spring Equinox focuses on the evolution of our value system.  It predominantly occupies the southern inner hemisphere, with emphasis on our individual and collective destiny, activating the Nodal axis through a T-square with Sun conjunction Chiron in the 4th house as an apex, the North Node at 4 degrees of Cancer in the 8th house opposing the South Node at 4 degrees of Capricorn in the 2nd house. What does it mean? 

Cancer / Capricorn axis in the 8th (shared resources) and 2nd (material security) house is shining the light on the potential for the regeneration of human society. The North Node, our collective destiny in the sign of Cancer, is teaching us to trust and embrace not only the life within our secure homes but to see our planet Earth as our collective mother, our spaceship, and our home, that we urgently need to take care of, make healthy again and put back into equilibrium. It is time to re-envision the political, economic and cultural systems through a New Green Deal that includes tackling the climate emergency as well as redesigning our society. Furthermore, the evolutionary paths represent a new attitude toward the shared resource, what only a few weeks ago seemed like an utopian tale to some (universal healthcare, basic income, the lock on the hegemony of the oil industry, banks and landlords) is coming into focus as a necessity.  

The Planetary archetypes denoting the mother, Moon and Ceres are conjunct in Aquarius, the Futurist of the Zodiac, in the 3rd house of communications, neighbors, learning. With the trine to the asteroid Juno, the feminine archetypes further denote our collective future through the interconnectedness and partnerships represented by the sign of Libra and the 11th house of groups and associates. This collectively minded trend of “us” and “we, the people” is also emphasized by Saturn entering Aquarius this week (March 21st at 23:59 EST) and shifting the energies from work and structure oriented Capricorn to the higher octave of societal development: forward-looking, egalitarian, revolutionary and data/ science driven sign of Aquarius calling us to work together towards the betterment of the society, and environment, through the collaborative, synchronized efforts. 

The Spring Equinox’ Ascendent in Scorpio at 26 degrees, sextiles its ruler Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn in a mighty stellium of Pallas Athena (Warrior Goddess Protectress of the City) Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in the 2nd house related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the value systems, and is connected to the sign of Taurus. Planets placed in this house seek security through the material world, with the South Node in the second house we will hold onto what we know and possess;  however, the evolutionary path will force us to share the resources in face of events beyond our control. This abstract definition of the meaning of the 8th house, perfectly denotes our experience of pandemic: the lockdown, the hoarding of face masks, sanitizers, toilet paper, pasta, rice and other staples that under normal circumstances would never give a second thought to… But we need to share, and think collectively if we are to awaken from this nightmare into a better place. 

Warrior Goddess Protectress of the City
Pallas Athena standing on a globe, a spear in her left hand, a shield in her right, ca. 1520–1527
by Marcantonio Raimondi

Our world is transforming;  Uranus in Taurus has been actively reminding us about it since last year, now placed in the 6th house of work, it sextiles North Node and trines the South Node redefining our concept of work as well as our material security. The universal basic income became a possibility within a week; most of us started working from home, using technology to connect with the world. Uranus is meant to change our concept of money and attitude towards cultivating the Earth, there is a lot more to come… 

As for Scorpio rising, it is making us extremely sensitive and vulnerable. The entire chart heavily populating the southern hemisphere causes us to become more introverted and private. However, we need to use the Martian energy to assert our will over the necessary reforms of our economic system, and Saturn to recognize our leadership capabilities and the need to act together. Keep on signing the petitions! Exercise your civic rights using technology, build your networks, because our collective future is to be decided. 

Please act, please sign:
Stop Trump from Bailing Out the Fossil Fuel Industry!

Reclaim Our Homes: Rent/Mortgage Suspension Now!

Act To Suspend Rent & Real Estate Financial Obligations During COVID-19

Aries represents pure outlet for swiftness and acceleration. The Martian order is: “Go, go, go!” in the direction defined by the Equinox chart, and the transition of Saturn into Aquarius tells us to build systems that connect people, leading towards a more equitable, science based society.

Stay safe, and stay connected, light workers! 

The One Who Speaks With The Stars

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