Healing our collective past and psyche. Breonna Taylor birth chart.


Breonna’s life ended tragically and prematurely on March 13th 2020. She was murdered by the police in her own bed, just after midnight. The transiting Moon conjunct her natal Pluto at 23 degrees and 33 minutes of Scorpio squaring her natal Mars conjunct Chiron in Leo. Her natal Mercury (the messenger) in a tight one degree conjunction with the North Node in Cancer, our collective destiny.

Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon in Sagittarius. June 5th 2020.


Do your part, volunteer, speak up, demonstrate, donate to legal nonprofits that support the lawful, democratic transformation. We need justice, we cannot continue to accept institutional police brutality and the inhumane treatment against black people, people of colour, immigrants, minorities, those economically disadvantaged and without the agency. We must act. Silence is violence, so speak up and do your part, however big or small it is.

working through challenging times


Art develops our sense of perspective and dimensionality both physically and metaphorically. It took artists until the invention of lenses to find three-dimensional perspective in paintings and as we develop ourselves and our tools, our perception of perspective continues to evolve. Meanwhile our own collective sense of perspective is going through a shift as the world restricts movement.