LUNAR ECLIPSE. FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN. July 5th 2020. Collective healing.


With Mars conjuncting Chiron in Aries during the first 3 weeks of July, there is potential for healing our collective past. Chiron, The Wounded Healer, teaches us about leadership, healing the wounds around self worth, assertiveness, and the need to lead even if you know deep inside you are not always the greatest hero you would like to be. Chiron conjunct Mars catalyzes unusually difficult experiences that accelerate our process of transformation if we have the strength to understand and overcome our shortcomings.

Annular Solar Eclipse June 21 2020. Alchemical summer.


On July 21st we experience the Annular Solar Eclipse: the Sun is shadowed by the Moon, making us highly sensitive and vulnerable. The Sun represents our ego and self esteem, the Moon, our emotional realm, and with the North Node in Gemini the emphasis is on connecting our minds and hearts to create a higher vibrational field from within.

solstice ripples


by Jana Astanov sometime during the nightsome process started in her and around hershe seemed able to exert some control over the nature racing…