Blender Bodies

We all come from somewhere, we all come from everywhere. Our bodies are live blenders of heritage, history, family, rituals and beliefs.

Multimedia and performance artist Ronit Levin Delgado is inviting you to celebrate Sukkot with her and interact with her Blender Bodies Art Installation, at this year’s Sukkahwood event,.

When: Sunday October 6th , 12-4pm
Inwood Hill Park at Gaelic Field
Sukkahwood is an outdoor art installation sensation of creative and artistic sukkhas designed by artists and designers.

In her artistic statement Delgado explains:
“We all come from somewhere, we all come from everywhere. 
Our bodies are live blenders of heritage, history, family, rituals and beliefs.

Blender Bodies is an interactive Sukkah installation that invites everyone to actively join and engage with it through a performative act; the audience is welcome to collaboratively add Star of David stickers, which represent their ethnicity, to reflect the multicultural nature of the Jewish community around the world. Each viewer leaves behind a star, a memory, a trace, a gift, connecting both with the Sukkah and the community. The stickers will be added to more layers of different countries from people’s personal history and memories and will create a Jewish community mixture that will fuse and bond everyone in the Sukkah. Driven from a personal Identity exploration, this work aims to expose the common ground we all share collectively.

The audience is not only the viewers, but becomes the performers as well as the active necessary players whom together help to build this Sukkah, community.

America, just like Israel is a multicultural country. Everyone comes from “other” countries. Israel is a massive blender with its diverse population and eclectic multi-ethnics, which come with different traditions, folklores and languages. Israelis (“Ashkenaz” and “Sephardic”) come from over hundred countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africaas Jews have emigrated from all over the world. This belief embodies the idea of bonding and uniting all Jews from around the world together in one place, connected by a sense of partnership, a common fate and identity.”

More info :

Ronit Levin Delgado

Ronit Levin Delgado (born Tel Aviv, Israel), is a multi media artist and a Fulbright scholar, lives and works in NYC. Levin Delgado is a graduate (2013) of the MFA Studio Art program at MSU, NJ, and holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (2008).
Levin Delgado has won multiple awards and honors, including the 2011-2013 Fulbright Scholarship, American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Asylum Arts, Jewish Art Salon Fellowship, Daughters of Troy Residency in Governors Island, COJECO Fellowship, the Israeli Ministry of Culture Scholarship, Bezalel Academy Award for Excellence and on 2014 she was chosen to be the recipient of the First Annual Prize for Bezalel Alumni.
Levin Delgado has had Solo and Two-person exhibitions, including at Raw Pop Up (Art Basel Miami 2018), Spring Break Art 2018 (NY), Gallery Sensei (NY), the Frame Gallery (PA), Guttman Museum (Tel Aviv) and has been included in numerous international group exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the US, including, The Queens Museum (NY), Museum of Russian Art (NJ), Magnan Metz Gallery, and Trestle Gallery (NYC), Index Gallery, Aferro Gallery (Newark), Cardiff, Wales and Leeds (UK) and Hertzelilinblum Museum in Israel.
As a performance artist, Levin Delgado has performed at Grace Exhibition Space, House of Yes, Paper Box, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, EFA in NYC and participated in many international collaborations.

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