Birds Of Equinox

Priestess of Impermanence, Jana Astanov is a multidisciplinary artist and a poet. Her work includes photography, poetry, performance, and new media. BIRDS OF EQUINOX is her fifth collection of poetry, beautifully designed by Hannah Woods, with the most spectacular art work by a painter Carrie Ann Baade.

The words of praise for this collection:

“Astanov writes with a clutch of wild emotions competing with each other for air – in each line the mood shimmers from rage to hope, from gratitude to vengeance – and after each poem you’re left wondering whether anyone survives. These are the deranged beauties of language barely holding on to syntax. Her Goddess knows full well the harms men do to women. Her poems are sensual, primal whispers, spirit shape-shifters that drip with blood. There’s something of Angela Carter’s weird Hexan women here alongside surreal, Plath-like detonations of spites and charms. This is less music and more tempest, heard through walls on which magik siguls squirm. Frightening.” – Richard Marshall

“Birds of Equinox is eco-feminist poetry par excellence. Like a vaginal scroll devouring the patriarchy, or a slippery dagger, moistening by the milky way’s cosmic sea, Astanov’s words cut righteously through opaque realities leaving all the greed, tumult and posturing to the wayside.  Jana Astanov plumbs to the depths and shoots for the stars in this epic collection of hymns – to the Great Mother.” – Katie Cercone

 “Reading the Birds of Equinox aloud  is like driving a fine sports car on the Amalfi coast.  Downshifting, upshifting, hairpin turns and then spurts of speed.  The experience is exhilarating, frightening, and sublime.” – EJ Spode

Book Launch:

ASTRALOOP version of the poem CREATRIX CULT from Birds of Equinox
ASTRALOOP version of the poem MOTHER ISLAND from Birds of Equinox
ASTRALOOP version of the poem THE PRESENT from Birds of Equinox

Please follow Jana Astanov for the events and dates to celebrate her new book, you can also purchase this collection here:

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