While the masculine charges forward with focused, positive, brilliant sun-light bright energy, the feminine knows how to die and rebirth. We’re all being asked to stop and breath.

ASS-CLAP THERAPY – A Whoreful Encounter with Labanna Babalon

Labanna, colloquially “the Whore of Babylon” is determined to keep putting on her “high femme battle uniform” and harness the collective “wild divine femme.” Mid-rise of the internet girl, Labanna was one of the first radical feminist women to rapidly create a huge fan base within what at the time seemed like a free, accessible, mutable, virtual and communal space. Whether zeroing in tunnel vision on the artist’s big thotful blue eyes or juicy booty, Labanna’s image beckons masterfully.

When God was Not Only Female but Black

In a cave etching near Bologna, a pregnant Venus moon mother, fondly “Venere Artemide,” boasts a glorious pubic triangle symbolizing the gateway of life. Within Italian folklore, caves and grottoes are the “womb” of the goddess. The coming together of the people in ecstatic worship – Carnival – is her laughter.