Performance art by Nikola Fornoni25th October 9:30Grace Exhibition Space182 Avenue C, New York, New York 11206 Dancing on nature is a collective performance that…

Literary sculptures of Jeremy D. Slater

It gives us something new and something important and most of all it gives us poems that look like literary sculptures, not just on the page, where they allow the page (and us) to breathe, but like four dimensional sculptures that bend through time in a kind of minimalist beauty.


Osmosis is a community-based performance series held in unconventional places usually not associated with performance art. We envision places like bars, storefronts, backyards or public spaces where performance art can reach an eclectic audience.

Polish Madonna

She has broken up the white light into its constituent spectral colours creating the rainbow effect. You see, she has not broken the law, she has only broken up the light, shedding the light onto that sacred halo of all Christian Saints which is the kundalini energy expressed through the crown chakra. And here I know I lost…this argument with the Polish censorship, if not yet the Polish religious police, and now I am finally and certainly banned…


In its 800 year history in Japan the Tea Ceremony has been considered another branch of the higher art forms, analogous to painting, music, dance, sculpture. Through its exposure to Zen Buddhism and Christianity it has continually evolved as an art, its nature deeply rooted in spirituality and religiosity.