NEW MOON IN TAURUS. April 22-23rd. Restoring Earth’s equilibrium.

During this New Moon keep your frequency high, immerse yourself in nature, whether physically or through a meditative journey. Remind yourself that this is the time of new beginnings. Feel connected to our planet, with her beauty, strength, and potential for regeneration. She is our Mother Goddess, our spaceship that carries us through the infinite Universe.

Costumegasm Coping Crafting

I wanted to transform my sadness and madness into joy and playfulness. Letting myself explore this was very therapeutic for me and the feelings of deep uncertainty have felt very uprooting so getting back into my body and working with my hands has given me some grounding.

In its Time of Crisis, Women are Stepping Up to Save the Art World

The famous critic Jerry Saltz has expressed his fears that whole sectors of the art industry, in particular the ones composed of low-income artists, gallerists, and writers, might simply be wiped out. Yet, creative professionals are finding new ways to show and display their talents, and this time, it is women who are primarily doing the innovating.

awaiting in stillness

I continuously reflected about the separation from my family and culture, and the idea of not living together—dying apart from each other—they in Spain and me in the States, became central to my work. Instead of putting paint on the canvas, one day I began to cover my body with it.