My power, my voice is my art

Art workers are essential to society not solely to entertain it. In difficult times we are getting hit the hardest and we are not receiving due support. At the same time, we are somehow expected to create masterpieces during the quarantine because we have “free time” and because the “struggle is real”. Though the struggle is too real for too many, some of us do not have money to pay rent, to buy food and to provide for our families. The majority of us do not have health insurance and we are terrified of hospital bills.

homesteading era

Creatively, that is what I miss most right now: in-person community. The emotional presence that comes from physical presence cannot be replicated online. We can still form connections in virtual spaces, but they’re different than the connections we form in physical spaces.

seeing your breath on my window

This month, after a few weeks of complete surrender we launched Thursdays – a series of window performances for a single household audience – designed for our times. We’ve created numerous window performances since 2010, each version approached the window differently, suggested it serves as a different offering. Although a window would separate us I’m celebrating not giving up on being personal.

loudly embodied self love

The work I do is intertwined with who I am, and how I can grow and evolve in my relationships on all levels. I work towards finding and expressing a certain appealing aesthetic that encourages female and queer empowerment, opening door for anyone towards healing, self expression, freedom and love. My practice is an invitation to respect and relate to nature.

controlled environment

I began enjoying my time by taking out the pressure of producing artwork, that pressure of being an artist in fast pace New York and started experiencing the benefits of slowing down. I started a list of body movement protocols, even a list of my favorite words, phrases and idioms, and anything else I somehow felt the urge to (re-)structure.

creative practice + sanity + dignity

i am learning to surrender to rest a bit better too, which provides space for my vivid visions and nighttime dreams to bring me scenes + information about my ancestors, present relationships, and more. i work to address my history of codependence. i learn more deeply about practicing boundaries. i feel that the rest of 2020 is being laid out for millions of people to learn the beauty of a slowed down life even as scary things unfold around us.