to venture inward

My practice during this time is to insist on a world that doesn’t recede our souls so much that we cannot fathom the realness of death. I insist to live in a place where the hyper-dimensional status of ‘being human’ is held in its fullness.

learning to pause

I am grateful for a pause. I have always put everything before my art, until there’s nothing left to give. Now there’s not as much to prioritize in front of it. All the thoughts and project ideas banging around in my head for months, even years, may finally find a way out in coming months. It’s at least giving me something to look forward to during these uncertain times, and it’s certainly keeping me motivated day to day.

personal and collective healing

I am thinking what it takes to heal from such traumatic experiences and what we as artists need to do to support our personal and collective healing. For me personally healing is an ongoing multidisciplinary art practice that I am involved in daily.

Our Health is Our Wealth

Our health is our wealth, and this crisis only highlights how so many human beings put their health on the back burner until it was too late, catalyzed of course by misinformation, workaholism as the norm, the splintered family relations of late-capitalism, and a medical model that obscures the basic interconnectivity of the body-mind-spirit to profit off of disease and mental illness.