Altars, Portals & Grottos

The idea behind this show is to fulfill the human need for spiritual experiences bringing light and hope during the darkest time of the year, and therefore to transgress the darkness, to connect with the community through the experience of oneness, to raise beyond the divisions of faith, and to celebrate the transition into the new year.

Art Basel banana art

BANALICIOUS: Polish Madonna and the forbidden fruit of Art Basel Miami 2019

Plato described the role of an artist as the one who translates the meanings of the cosmic consciousness for the rest of us. But it seems the American public receives only the banana art, funny and meaningless to the crowds of Art Basel, but less so to those in Miami who make $8.46 per hour, the state’s minimum wage.

Encuentro Basura // Meet Trash

Encuentro Basura, a week-long Trash Festival to reflect on the current changing social and environmental climate –popular uprisings, indigenous resistance, the destruction of the natural world, locally and globally. Inspired by principles of permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for the People, and Fair Share

The immigrant Artist Biennial

Artists who take risks inspire me the most. Risks with mediums, subject matter, genres, disciplines. Artists who explore from the gut, who do not follow trends too much, who are audacious, interdisciplinary, experimental, political, feminist, difficult to categorize, exciting.