Therefore I am

by Jana Astanov …graced with perceptionsThe sunset at the Greenwich parkbeyond the witches circleand the moon approaching its bloomjagged surface of an old oak…


3-Day Series of Performances, Film Projections & DrawingsOff-Site project, 76th Venice International Film FestivalAugust 27- 29, 2019Performances: 7:30pm – 9:30pmProjections: 9:30pm – 5am ARTI3160Salizzada…

July 31 New Moon in Leo. Inspired Fire.

Leo is a sign described by ancient astronomers as free of karma. Therefore, the portals to the essence of our souls are open, and we are invited to explore the creative life in search of self-discovery, satisfaction, and as a result, more authentic connection to all beings.

Every Day I Try

poetry by Sofy Yuditskaya 1: Every Day I Try yes i was once a self-made-manput myself together from what i had on handbegged off borrowed…

Woman Hero by Arhia Kohlmoos

Still today, a woman who has no craving for motherhood and who chooses a different sort of creative life is often looked upon with suspicion. There is a sense that such a woman is weird (a word deeply connected to the notion of witchery), and possibly dangerous, due to the absence of a mothering urge.