DeFiFem: Moon Goddess of Cryptocurrency

The AI dispassionately informs you that you violated the terms of service by posting nudity, or using bots. But often, you did not do any of it, and you still get blocked – unexplained, mysterious rejection by the panopticon, acting as a fortress of moral conduct and internet laws. The concept of panopticon is seemingly reaching its final stage of evolution and totality through the controlled internet structures: hierarchical and centralized monopoly of the tech giants… And here is where our fight begins!

Denizen of the Dead: The Horrors of Clarendon Court

For this anthology I wanted pieces from writers who’d lived in London and understood the specifics of the situation being addressed, but at the same time I was aware that many of them had multiple commitments and therefore I was more than happy if they adapted traditional—that is to say out of copyright—horror tales. There is a range of material here some of which engages with earlier fictions in a Kathy Ackeresque way, while other pieces are wholly original.

The Mindshaft

by Steve FinbowAn extract from The Mindshaft published this year by Amphetamine Sulphate. a note on methodology It granulates, it crackles, it caresses, it…


My art is inspired by my inner and outer world, and all those that came before me. I only wish to touch the heart of all I connect with, this is why I became a performance artist.