no single form of death has an essence

There is a difference between the ‘is’ of identity and the ‘is’ of prediction. There is no single thing that is death, AND there is no single property which the many forms of deaths share. For that matter, no single form of death has an essence. We thus live not so much in a patchwork quilt of death, but a kaleidoscope of deaths.

I Know a Man

by Robert Creeley ~ détourned by Steve Finbow As I sd to my   friend, because I am   always talking,—Jorn, I sd, which was not his   name, the…

City of Personal Mythologies

We know that patriarchy and its neoliberal offspring have destroyed the planet and quite nearly destroyed us, and we know that the answer to this path of destruction lies in unlocking the secrets of the brujas and the xamans and connecting with Mother Earth and tuning our lives to Her.