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We are all on an evolutionary path, our souls are learning through this earthy experience called life. The moment of your birth creates an unique astro chart which is also your roadmap, unfolding throughout your life. It is a key to understanding your strength and talents, as well as the obstacles and challenges you’ll find along the way. It reveals the purpose of your life, and how to get there without sabotaging your own efforts. Through the transits and progressions it also shows the timing of the events in your life, along with what each time period means, how long it lasts when it will be over and specific strategies for handling it for best success and happiness.

As a professional astrologer, I can show you all this and more. I have been practicing astrology since 2016, however, I started studying it in 2002, when I encountered an inspiring teacher, Leszek Weres, a Polish astrologer with a PhD in international relationships from MIT utilizing a set of unique techniques that I have adopted in my own practice. During the consultation, I will offer you your psychological portrait defined by the moment of your birth, current transits, and also a personal astrological calendar.

I have given several thousand astrology readings. In working with charts, I follow the invitation of the moment in terms of where to focus.  However, for those who are astrologically fluent, some areas that I track in any chart include: 

  • The Luminaries and the Nodal Axis
  • Multi-Aspect Configurations – grand trines, t-squares, grand crosses, yods – including when “completed” by transit
  • The Progressed Chart
  • Asteroids/Dwarf Planets: Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta
  • Degree-specific symbolism, e.g. Sabian Symbols

I can help you:

  • Understand yourself and your needs so you can find the best life partner, career or home for you
  • Understand your partner and get understood by your partner to reawaken and deepen love and commitment
  • Follow the career path that’s best for you, so you can feel motivated and energized at work
  • Be aware of coming life-changes before they happen, so you can be prepared to meet them with strength and an open heart
  • Get oriented on the path of your life with a sense of your own unique purpose

Getting on your own unique spiritual path starts with an astrology reading of your birth chart, current transitions or relationship. I can do this for you in person in New York, or via online meeting if you are at a distance. After your reading, you’ll receive a screen-capture video of the session, along with copies of all the charts we used, delivered to you as downloadable files within 24 hours. 

Readings and rates:

Astrology Consultation online (Zoom, Skype or phone)
$160 (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after) 

Update for the year ahead
$90 (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This reading is for those who have already consulted with me.

Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area.
$60 Online (Zoom, Skype or phone). (30 minutes)

Astrology is a way of finding our place in the world, and the world’s place in us. If you are ready to explore the symbols and cycles that govern your life path contact me creatrixmagazine88(at)

Yannanda, of ASTRALOOP
The One Who Speaks With The Stars

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