Embark on a journey of Astral Grimoire with a goal of deepening the understanding of cosmic forces influencing your life, creating your personal annual calendar based on your astro chart, and taking control over the planetary energies to maximize their positive effects and minimize their destructive forces.

with Yannanda of Astraloop offering wisdom in unexpected ways.

This course consists of three sessions, each 1.5h long, and is based on the concept of mathematical game theory applied to the energy exchange within the Universe. Game theory in astrology is an act of balancing the planetary energies, maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative expressions of each sign, planets, transits, and aspects. For example the ego driven, self-centered Aries is balanced by the opposing sign of Libra representing equality, diplomacy and relationships we form with others. In order to lead a happy, fulfilling life we must hold in balance the individual sense of self and assertiveness with sensitivity to the needs of others. Just like Mars shows us how to stand up for ourselves, the ruler of Libra Venus teaches us about love: self-love, self-worth and love for others.

In this course I will guide you through the art of creating your own Astral Grimoire, personalized astrological calendar with fixed dates that repeat every year, and rituals that enhance the desired outcomes. I will share with you the dates when each of the planet has the biggest impact on your life. For example when you are exposed to the influence of Venus, you are more open, friendly, and loving thus in need of social exchange. However, when the transiting Sun passes through your MC, the career point and the 10th house it’s time to focus on your professional life in order to maximize the positive effects this particular period can yield. We will look into in together and co-create your unique Wheel of the Year.

Filled with practical advice on how to handle and maximize the energetic waves sweeping through the Universe, Astral Grimoire covers understanding of the symbolism of the Zodiac, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets, as well as the abundance of feminine archetypes including the asteroids, and recently discovered planets within the Kuiper belt. Most importantly, together we will co-create your own personal cosmic calendar sanctified by rituals. 

You will emerge from the journey of Astral Grimoire with a roadmap to your life guided by the stars, planets, asteroids, and the wealth of ancient gnosis enhanced by a set of magical rituals corresponding to the major planetary power sources in your personal astro chart.

As a professional astrologer, I have been practicing astrology since 2016, however, I started studying it in 2002, when I encountered an inspiring teacher, Leszek Weres, a Polish astrologer with a PhD in international relationships from MIT utilizing a set of unique techniques that I have adopted in my own practice. During this course, I will help you decode your psychological portrait defined by the moment of your birth.

I have given several thousand astrology readings. In working with charts, I follow the invitation of the moment in terms of where to focus.  However, for those who are astrologically fluent, some areas that I track in any chart include: 

  • The Luminaries and the Nodal Axis
  • Multi-Aspect Configurations – grand trines, t-squares, grand crosses, yods – including when “completed” by transit
  • The Progressed Chart
  • Asteroids/Dwarf Planets: Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta
  • Degree-specific symbolism, e.g. Sabian Symbols

Astrology is a way of finding our place in the world, and the world’s place in us. If you are ready to explore the symbols and cycles that govern your life path contact me creatrixmagazine88(at)

Yannanda, of ASTRALOOP
The One Who Speaks With The Stars