In a spirit of COLLECTIVE ASCENSION CREATRIX offers donation based courses as part of our ASTRAL ACADEMIA. We are here to support each other in whichever way we can. Sharing our time, knowledge, our astral gnosis seems like a good way to bring our hearts and minds closer together.

From chrysalis to the new social contract

by Yannanda

Weekly astrology course with Yannanda of Astraloop offering wisdom in unexpected ways.
Starts on Monday, July 6th at 7pm, and will run ten consecutive Mondays.

FREE COURSE for CREATRIX community members, otherwise donation based. Suggested donation for each month is $25.

Collectively, and personally we are going through an extremely challenging period, experiencing so many difficulties during this trying year. One way of coping is to strengthen our social connection and community bonds, whether in person or virtually. Astrologically speaking, 2020 is packed with intensity, as there are 6 eclipses (as opposed to an average of 4), Pluto / Saturn conjunction, Pluto / Jupiter conjunctions, Venus, and Mars retrogrades aside from the usual retrogrades, and the Saturn / Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius in December. Nodes changed their signs too, moving from Cancer / Capricorn axis to Gemini /Sagittarius. With this polarity we seek freedom and truth, so this is the time to revise the ideological basis of our belief systems, individual and collective. This makes it an opportune time to support each other on the quest for meaning, freedom, and truth. 

Astrology is a way of finding our place in the world, and the world’s place in us. Each chart is unique, just like our DNA, each chart is a drop in all-embracing oceanic awareness. If you are ready to explore the symbols and cycles that govern your life this course is for you. Join weekly meeting of CREATRIX community to dive deeper into astrology, to further your knowledge of astral archetypes, and to study planets in action through the transits taking place in 2020. We are going to meet every Monday for a 1h session during which I am going to present the symbolism hidden behind the trajectory of the planets, followed by a discussion analyzing how the current planetary alignments affect your own personal astro chart.

ALCHEMICAL SUMMER began with Summer Solstice and the Solar Eclipse.

As a professional astrologer, I have been practicing astrology since 2016, however, I started studying it in 2002, when I encountered an inspiring teacher, Leszek Weres, a Polish astrologer, with a PhD in international relationships from MIT, utilizing a set of unique techniques that I have adopted in my own practice.

I have given several thousand astrology readings. In working with charts, I follow the invitation of the moment in terms of where to focus.  However, for those who are astrologically fluent, some areas that I track in any chart include: 

  • The Luminaries and the Nodal Axis
  • Multi-Aspect Configurations – grand trines, t-squares, grand crosses, yods
  • The Progressed Chart
  • Asteroids/Dwarf Planets: Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta
  • Degree-specific symbolism, e.g. Sabian Symbols

In a spirit of collective ascension, CREATRIX team offers donation based courses as part of ourΒ ASTRAL ACADEMIA.Β We are here to support each other in whichever way we can. If you are ready to explore the riches of the ancient gnosis in a supportive online community setting reach out!

Yannanda, of ASTRALOOP
The One Who Speaks With The Stars