7pm “clapping”

The performance artist is the mediator, serving as a catalyst for the universal healing of collective personal traumas.

As a media sponsor of LIC LIVE ART festival CREATRIX Magazine interviews all participating artists in anticipation of the upcoming event, taking place on August 22nd at Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery and organized by Local Project Art Space.

Ronit Levin Delgado + Iren Kamyshev

CREATRIX Magazine: What are you going to present on August 22nd during LIC LIVE ART?

Our piece is a collaboration of two artists who use their bodies and movement to encapsulate 2020 events and share their personal experiences. Connection and disconnection, isolation and social, solos and duets, feeding from each other and interacting, thus symbolizing the long period of quarantine loneliness and desire to socialize. Using the sound of original news recordings and mixed sound of 7pm “clapping”, fireworks and protests.

Ronit Levin Delgado and Iren Kamyshev at Bodeguita Odyssey in Brooklyn, in February 2nd 2020

CXM: Online or LIVE ART?
Both Online and Live Art are important and great! Although we have more experience as live performance artists before the pandemic era, during the quarantine we have been performing in various online dance and performance art festivals, experimenting with the new “virtual stage”, adjusted to this format. I think we should find a way to utilize this new format and take advantage of the ethereality of the virtual platform instead of treating it as a limitation. It’s a challenge but not impossible and gives different values which makes it interesting. 

CXM: Martha Wilson once said: “All performance art is dealing with trauma”? What’s your take on it?
All art is dealing with trauma, as it’s part of life. Artists channel their own personal stories, experiences and express different points of views, perspectives and ideas to project and create. The more personal the art, the more universal it becomes. Performance art is about connection, interaction and sharing thoughts, feelings, emotions in a collective environment. The performance artist is the mediator, serving as a catalyst for the universal healing of collective personal traumas. 

CXM: What is performance art?
A momentary, ephemeral, emotional and authentic artistic sharing experience that seeks to be experienced through all six senses.

CXM: Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your work at LIC LIVE ART on August 22nd!

Ronit Levin Delgado is an Israeli–born, New York–based multidisciplinary visual artist and a Fulbright Scholar. Levin Delgado graduated from MSU, NJ, MFA Studio Art program, and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, BFA Fine Art program. Levin Delgado has won multiple awards and honors, including the Fulbright Scholarship, AICF American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Asylum Arts, Jewish Art Salon Fellowship, Daughters of Troy Residency in Governors Island, UJA Fellowship, the Israeli Ministry of Culture Scholarship, Bezalel Academy Award for Excellence and on 2014 she was chosen to be the recipient of the First Annual Prize for Bezalel Alumni. Levin Delgado has had Solo and Two-person exhibitions, including at Raw Pop Up (Art Basel Miami), Spring Break Art (NY), Gallery Sensei and Chashama (NY), the Frame Gallery (PA), Guttman Museum (Tel Aviv) and her work has been widely shown in international group exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the US, including, The Queens Museum (NY), Museum of Russian Art (NJ), Magnan Metz Gallery, and Trestle Gallery (NYC), Index Gallery, Aferro Gallery (Newark), Cardiff, Wales and Leeds (UK) and Hertzelilinblum Museum in Israel.

As a performance artist, Levin Delgado has performed at The Cell, Grace Exhibition Space, House of Yes, Paper Box, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, EFA in NYC and many other art festivals, galleries and independent venues worldwide as well as participated in many international collaborations. Her work is featured in both private and public collections.

Her work explores conditions and experiences of instinctual human interactions through the use of the body, rituals, and the intimacy of a kiss. In performances, videos, paintings and sculptural objects, she calls into question the personal narratives of vulnerability and desire. In immersive installations she invites the viewers to engage and share a private intimate moment in a collective environment experience. The artist’s personal rituals fuse the fragments of cultural traditions, rituals and beliefs into performative actions and objects.
Website: https://www.ronitlevindelgado.com/

Iren Kamyshev @art.irka is a multidisciplinary dancer and performing
artist. She was born in Estonia and grew up in Israel.
Iren served in the IDF as an ‘Outstanding Dancer’ and graduated from
the ‘Maslul’ professional dance program, directed by Naomi Perlov
(Angelin Preljocaj).

Ms. Kamyshev received her B.A in dance, along with a teaching
certification, from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. (JAMD)
Iren is an experienced freelance choreographer, dancer, teacher and
producer. Her original works have been performed both in Jerusalem and
Tel Aviv. She recently moved to New York City to continue her artistic

Iren has worked in collaboration with many choreographers and
companies in Israel, California, and New York City, including
MakesounD-Music & Dance Projects, Iris Marko, Lilach Orenstein, Blind
Tiger Society, Jiemin Yang, Emilee Lord, and Kristina Bermudez, among

Iren’s experience as an immigrant imbues her art with a unique,
multicultural perspective, allowing her to communicate and connect
with her audience through the universal language of MOVEMENT.